As world waits on Mueller report summary, Trump’s aides attempt to keep him from ‘rash’ actions

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While we wait for Trump Attorney General Bill Barr to review the final report describing what Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team were able to decipher, in the tangled mess of Russian espionage efforts and their apparent ties to members of Trump’s own inner circle, Donald Trump’s White House minders are fully aware that the sitting “president” may lose what’s left of his crumbling mind at any moment. The Washington Post reports that while Trump typically jets off for one of his Mar-a-Lago weekends with only a few aides:

[O]n Friday, several senior White House officials, including acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and press secretary Sarah Sanders, flew with him to Florida — in part so Trump would be surrounded by people he knows and trusts and therefore be less likely to do something rash, according to two people close to the president who spoke on the condition of anonymity to reveal internal details.

So then, Mick Mulvaney, Sarah Sanders and others were shipped to Florida “in part” because Donald Trump’s own staff knows he is a goddamn unstable nutcase who cannot under any circumstances be without his minders when Bill Barr releases whatever it is he believes he must release.

In the meantime, Trump’s other supporters appear to not just be hoping for the “something rash” part, but actively attempting to goad Trump into a fascist show of force. The Post reports that Sen. Lindsey Graham led the Mar-a-Lago crowd into a revived “Lock her up!” chant with new demands that Clinton, the subject of the Russian hacking efforts in question, be re-re-investigated.

At that seems to be the battle already playing out, among Trump’s loyal staffers and top self-appointed allies: Whether Trump will respond to any unflattering news released by Bill Barr with heretofore unseen tact, or by leading his party into fits of unhinged rage and demands for immediate retaliation against his enemies.

On Trump’s must-watch morning show Fox & Friends, Rep. Devin Nunes continued his own best efforts to bury the report of Russian actions during the 2016 election fully and completely, telling his hosts that the report on those actions should be burned and that, indeed, the proper response is for Trump’s Department of Justice to launch a new investigation to determine how Trump’s detractors learned about the alleged improprieties by Trump and his inner circle.

Trump is more likely to listen to his television set than his own top aides, so that is likely the path he will take: a renewed demand to punish his enemies using the power of state. And Fox News, in particular, is pushing the unstable president very hard indeed towards that outcome.

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