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I have been watching both political parties and I have seen the Democrats convey a message of hope and lifting up all Americans.  And in contrast, I have seen the Republicans week headed by the narcissistic, self-absorbed nut case in the White House who has promoted and encouraged people to lie about everything that’s going on.

Coronavirus deaths in the USA have now passed 180,000 poor souls that have died of this horrific disease. My sympathies go out to all affected by it. We have seen shootings where a cop has shot another unarmed black man in the back seven times. Now I often wonder, seven times. Why, after the first one or two shots the guy isn’t going to be moving to good. Anyway, we also have seen men shooting their military-style weapons into crowds and killing two and wounding another. And it was reported that the police rode by while one of the gunmen held his hands in the air and attempted to surrender himself with people in the crowd yelling, he’s the one arrest him. And the cops just rode on by.

Now the RNC is holding their ‘trash Joe Biden and Kamala Harris convention’. Oops sorry, I meant to say their ‘presidential nominating convention’. And they basically say the streets will run with blood and the economy will collapse and there will be massive unemployment and there will be many more deaths due to coronavirus.

You know basically exactly what is happening right now.

Amongst all this, I noticed a story on the Mueller report. I thought I would do a slick, fancy, smooth type of article on the Mueller report. All you have to do is go to YouTube and you will see page after page on the investigation. All very dry, boring stuff. I was looking for something outlandish to point out. And then I came across Rachel Maddow. She had this interesting episode, Robert Mueller Report: Outline For Prosecution.

Well, I watched while she laid out the timeline where Mr. Trump went through the motions with Corey Lewandowski where Corey would deliver a message to Jeff Sessions that he was to instruct Mueller to change the focus of his investigations to possible future crimes that a president might commit. He was to stop investigating what the president was actually doing and focus on new crimes. This was the brilliant idea Trump had come up with to stop the real investigation. Well, Mueller found that this constitutes obstruction of justice by blocking his investigation. And he laid this out as one of the ten charges against Trump. Now the interesting part about this is president trump has ten charges pending against him. The reason that Trump needs to be re-elected is that the charges statuette of limitations on these crimes run from 2021 to 2022. These are real actionable slam dunk charges.

So, if Trump is not re-elected he will go to trial and face these charges. And one of the other things about all this is that little Miss Ivanka Trump is mixed up in this too. So the plot thickens. The whole pie here is that the only reason that Mueller left this all open is that rule you can’t indict a sitting president. Where the real obstruction of justice comes is from William Barr. He sets the tone on how he does his job when he comes out and says that Robert Mueller said that trump did not commit a crime. This prompted Robert Mueller to come out and say he didn’t say that at all and this report was meant for Congress, and not the Attorney General. And Robert Mueller as a Special Counsel had the right to direct where his report went. William Barr could have actually been charged for interfering with the report, according to Maddow’s report. Now one might say, “So what, you had a report and the president walked”.  But there were 34 indictments handed down and I believe 6 people went to jail.

Now you would think after all this, that our illustrious president would keep his head down for at least a couple months. I mean, this was an impeachable offense and a go-to jail offense. But not our president.  No sir!

Our president was on the phone literally the next day after the Mueller report came out asking the newly elected President of a foreign power if said President could do us a favor. It seems he heard somewhere that Joe Biden was thinking about running for president. And being a smart guy, Trump knew Joe Biden would beat him like a drum. Sorta like he’s doing now.

Well, Trump wanted Zelensky to announce that he was opening an investigation into Joe and Joe’s son Hunter Biden over his son who had gotten a seat on a Board of Directors in Ukraine. Trump was all over this as he said that Hunter did not have a job before he was appointed to the board of directors. In fact, Hunter Biden was employed as a lawyer, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, a CEO of an investment firm he co-founded as well as chairman of the board of World Food Program USA. Of course, I can see the problem here. If Trump didn’t have a business to run, his two oldest sons would be homeless because they aren’t that smart.

And as you can imagine, Trump with his superior incompetence, royally screwed up the deal. There was a whistleblower who basically laid out that Trump had committed another impeachable offense. There were hearings and there were political stunts pulled by Trump toadies.  After it was all said and done President Trump was impeached. But since we have a Republican senate he was not convicted. So now he’s out doing everything in his power to get re-elected.

Of course, he has the lowest approval rating since they started keeping records. And remember, if he’s not re-elected he most likely will go to jail.  That’s why the lies are flying fast and furious from Trump and his Republican cronies.  This week has demonstrated the differences between the parties clearly and we MUST be on the side of lifting up all Americans and hope for our future.

And, oh please, let us get back to a time when a ‘scandal’ meant the president farted at the dinner table with dignitaries from another country.


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  1. Good article Chris. Thanks. Lots of Federal charges pending. Bet there’s lots of State charges pending too. trump will spend the remainder of his miserable life with lawyers & depositions fighting to stay out of jail which will be paid for by the $$ they stole from the American people.

    • I always wanted to know what happened to all the money they strongarmed the states out of for ppes and medical supplies. They had states buying their own supplies back at two to three times the cost and nobody has given any information except that trump donated whole plane load of stuff to Russia.


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