As calls grow for her resignation, Sanders reacts like a trapped animal, doubles down on lies

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is making the rounds today, attempting to trumpet a narrative that Donald Trump and his family have been exonerated. Setting aside the fact that is not what the Mueller Report said, the report did make clear another fact—that Sarah Sanders stood at the podium in the White House press briefing room and repeatedly, knowingly lied to the American people. When James Comey was fired, Sanders had the nerve to tell the American people that she had been contacted by “countless” FBI agents who were relieved James Comey was fired. It was such a wild lie that the then acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, made a public statement saying it was not true.

When Sarah Sanders had her interview with Robert Mueller’s investigators and she was under oath, with criminal consequences on the line, she admitted to investigators that her statement was a complete fabrication and that her “comments were not founded on anything.” She’s a liar.

In an interview on ABC’s Good Morning, America, George Stephanopoulos pressed her about those White House briefing room lies and her credibility problems. Sanders not only showed zero remorse, she continued lying and lobbing insults at the “Democrat” party, a favorite immature slur of Republicans everywhere. Watch Sander’s pathetic attempt below. In any other administration, she would’ve been fired on the spot, but not this deplorable administration.

Meanwhile, White House correspondents like April Ryan are calling on Sanders to resign or be fired. You cannot have someone representing the White House who lies so effortlessly. That office deserves the highest credibility and ethics in the land.

If she had one ounce of integrity, she would resign.

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3 Comments on "As calls grow for her resignation, Sanders reacts like a trapped animal, doubles down on lies"

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Why does George keep having the likes of these White House liars on his show. They aren’t going to admit they lied even when they are shown the tapes. They take after tRump. Worthless bunch of people.


Hey Sarah!! You are a perfect copy of your father..lying pseudo-religious twins..who is going to drive the clown 🤡 car after you have to resign?


Sarah, has trouble. Everyday she can,t remember what lie she said the day before,so she lies to get out of lies, I can she why Donald hired her. She is perfect for mass confusion.