As America approaches 100,000 deaths, Trump huddled with Senate Republicans about … his reelection

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When Donald Trump ventured to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to huddle with Senate Republicans, it seemed possible that he might spend at least a little time strategizing about the pandemic that is poised to claim 100,000 American lives in the coming week.

Nope. That was the furthest thing from Trump’s mind.

Instead, Trump perseverated over his reelection bid this November, talking up poll numbers, his rival Joe Biden, and giving his GOP congressional counterparts a kick in the pants, according to NBC News.

“He just said be tough, don’t get rolled over by them,” Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota recounted.

“He was encouraging all of us to get in the fight and not get pushed around,” said Sen. John Cornyn of Texas.

Trump is clearly petrified, by the way. One thing Trump cannot afford is for a group of vulnerable Senate Republicans to actually realize he’s a lead weight on their reelection bids. He’s also desperate for minions like Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina to help push his “Obamagate” rubbish, as if comparing his warren of thieves to Obama’s squeaky clean administration is some sort of slam dunk.

What’s perfect is that Trump has almost singlehandedly put the Senate GOP majority at risk through his unparalleled ineptitude in directing a national response to the novel coronavirus. Of course, Senate Republicans deserve every damn loss they rack up in November after building Trump into a bonafide monster and then turning him loose on America right as a global pandemic landed on U.S. shores. In fact, one might call Senate Republican a bunch of weenies, among other things.

“I think the president thinks that on certain issues we act like a bunch of weenies, and I agree with him,” Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., said.

Right, what he said. But then Kennedy just gets downright stupid when asked which specific issues.

“On getting serious about finding out what happened with respect to [Mike] Flynn and Carter Page. […] You guys know what I’m talking about.”

Kennedy’s talking about yet another investigation into the “oranges” of the Russia investigation, as Trump once put it. Apparently, the three probes launched by Attorneys General Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr haven’t sated Trump. Of course, none of those investigations has turned up any legit wrongdoing either—which is clearly killing Trump. Hack job Barr still might come through on manufacturing something to soothe Dear Leader.

Anyway, Senate Republicans are truly such a bunch of weenies that someone as mentally incapacitated as Trump has reduced them down to a self-loathing bunch of lemmings.

While one administration official framed Trump’s pep talk as a message about sticking together, a GOP aide on the Hill said it was more like: “We’re doing a great job on Corona and Pelosi is mean.” (LOL. To be fair, Pelosi did call Trump “morbidly obese” while expressing concerns about his health.)

Still, Trump only “briefly” made some mentions of testing and vaccines, according to NBC, because trying to save lives and get the country back to work safely is a truly tangential consideration to the fixation of Trump and Senate Republicans on maintaining power.

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So that’s his strategy. Just whine about Pelosi, Obamagate and lie about how well he’s doing in fighting the corona virus.

If I were a GOP politician seeking re-election, I’d be cutting Trump adrift and develop my own strategies that impact on my electorate.


He is finished and he knows it so does everyone else

David Bishop
David Bishop

He’s celebrating since the SCOTUS smashed the House request for the redacted Mueller report (which the House lamely postponed and thereby doomed the impeachment/removal process). He has been completely exonerated (in his and 45% of the countries’ mind) now by the highest and most honorable court in the land.