As Always, The Devil Is In The Details

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 24: (AFP OUT) U.S. President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order establishing regulatory reform officers and task forces in US agencies in the Oval Office of the White House on February 24, 2017 in Washington, DC. Earlier in the day, Trump stated he would cut 75 percent of regulations. (Photo by Olivier Douliery - Pool/Getty Images)

I hope it’s not bad news. You know i can’t take bad news!   Prince John   Robin Hood, Men In Tights

Wow. Little wonder that the White House hairdresser had to spray an extra coat of lacquer on His Lowness’ hair to keep it from sticking our like yellow horns, after that last FOX News poll. But while the fact that 50% of the respondents in a FOX News poll support bouncing Trump out on his plush, padded ass got the top headline, there are some other numbers in there that, upon calm reflection, should be even more alarming than that not only for Trump, but for the GOP writ large.

For starters, while 50% support impeachment with removal, 54% support impeachment without removal. This is important because it means that the Democrats educational drive is working. More Americans are becoming aware of the fact that simple impeachment does not mean immediate removal from office. And while they may not necessarily feel that his shenanigans warrant removal from office, they’re fine with the public and historical slap in the chops of for his churlish behavior. And we all know how Trump feels about public dressings down.

By a whopping 60-24% margin, respondents think that it is not permissible for a sitting President to ask a foreign government for help investigating a domestic opponent. This is important because it means that at least nearly half of the shambling Trombies out there realize that this is a bad precedent to establish, since it would mean that somebody else could do it to them in the future. I would be surprised if this wasn’t a factor in some of that 54% who support impeachment without removal.

By a plurality of Americans, people felt that a) Trump actually committed bribery in his little Ukraine kerfuffle, b) was not cooperating sufficiently with congress in the impeachment process, meaning that they think there’s smoke there, and want to find the fire, and c) think that the Democrats are conducting the impeachment process fairly, which means that not only are they paying attention to the process, but also that idjits like Gaetz, Collins, and Jordan are screaming at deaf ears. None of this is good news for Trump, because it means that people realize that he’s full of shit on this, but it’s even worse for the GOP, because people don’t appreciate their attempts to sweep this under the rug.

But here are the two most important ones to my mind. Since this last FOX News poll, support among independents for impeachment with removal is up 7 points, to 45%. This is potentially critical, since in the months following Trump’s “coronation,” when more moderate voters started fleeing the GOP like horses from a burning barn, very few of them went full pendulum and became Democrats. Most simply switched their affiliation to “independent.” This is bad news for Trump, since he desperately needs to woo those voters back if he’s going to recreate the miracle of 2016, and instead ore and more of them want him gone even before 2020. But it’s even worse news for the GOP, since Trump’s “base” isn’t enough to win most districts, and if those independents are souring sufficiently on The Mango Messiah, they’re unlikely to either show up, or split the ticket to vote Republican down ballot. Which could end up being critical because

When asked if the Republicans in congress truly believed that Trump’s actions didn’t rise to the level of impeachment and removal, or whether they thought that the GOP was just cravenly covering Trump’s larcenous ass,  they voted by a truly insane 36 point margin, 60-24% that the GOP was just covering Trump’s ass. This means that pretty much everybody who doesn’t wear a grubby MAGA hat and either try to cadge a buck from you on the street, or scrape the dead bugs off of your windshield at the stop lights not only knows that Trump is guilty, but that the GOP is only covering for him to pander to his base. And that could go south for them real quick.

It could go south for them in a hurry mainly because a) the Democrats are continuing the investigations throughout the impeachment proceedings under the guise of oversight, and b) because Trump is so brain dead fucking stupid! These investigations are going to continue, even if and after Trump is acquitted in the Senate, and because Trump is so brain dead fucking stupid, I find it impossible to believe that something even worse isn’t going to come out further on down the road.

And when it does, people are going to finally realize that they had the chance to get rid of this shitheel once and for all, and they blew it. And what are they going to do next? Why, they’re going to look for a scapegoat of course! And they’re going to remember all of those GOP House members who carried Trump’s water, trying desperately to obstruct and distract, and confuse the investigation, and all of those GOP Senators who marched lock step with Moscow Mitch to make a sham of a legitimate constitutional process, and set Trump free to bring even more wanton destruction upon the country. And when that happens, the chickens are finally going to come home to roost, and anybody who has ever seen a chicken coop knows that the bottom is covered in shit.

So, the real question that vulnerable GOP incumbent Senators like Susan Collins, Corey Gardner, and Martha McSally have to ask themselves isn’t really whether or not they can survive the wrath of Trump’s base if they vote their conscience and do the right thing. The real question they have to ask themselves is if they can survive the wrath of everybody else next November, if it starts coming out in September and October from records finally turned over from Mazar’s that Trump’s real estate business has been nothing but an industrial size laundromat for Russian rubles for the last decade. Y’all made this bed, now, which do you prefer, cracker crumbs, or bed bugs? The choice is yours.

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Dick panico
Dick panico

Even the hardest Trump supporter , are beginning to understand that our Democracy is at stake now . It will not go well for them if we lose our Democracy , because most ( even law breakers) , are protected by democracy.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Speaking of his hair. When a light shining right down on top his head and he turned his head toward camera there definitely was skin showing where bald guys get that back circle going.