Arrogance. Arrogance. Arrogance.


I pick up my guitar and play, just like yesterday. Then I get on my knees and pray…We don’t get fooled again   We don’t get fooled again   The Who

On a night when Adam Schiff closed the session by passionately reminding every Senator in the chamber that this is not about politics, not in the party sense, but about the future of the country and the constitution, maybe it didn’t even matter. Hell, maybe none of it matters.

There is brand new reporting in the New York Times that His Lowness and Yertl the Turtle are operating under an artificial timeline. Emperor Numbus Nuttus has decreed, and Moscow Mitch is apparently bowing and scraping all over the place, that this trial must be over by next Friday, before the Super Bowl and Trump’s State of the Union.

Which, as I understand it, puts the schedule something like this. The White House goobers will take their crack at defending the indefensible one on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday will be occupied by the Senators written questions for the two sides. On Friday, a procedural vote will be held on witnesses and documents. If that fails, then McConnell will move for a floor vote on guilt or acquittal. And unless the world ends, it will be over, likely on a party line vote of 53-47.

But you know what? If this was always predetermined, and we pretty much knew that there were never going to be enough GOP defectors in the Senate to throw Trump out on his plush bottom ass, then maybe this outcome, with a rigged, pro forma vote on witnesses and documents, followed by an equally pro forma rigged vote on Trump’s guilt or innocence, is the best thing that could happen. And I’ll tell you why.

I wrote a couple of days ago about how there’s always these certain mopes who like hanging around with bullies and bad guys, because of the cheap thrill of chilling with somebody who can get away with anything. And they keep right on hanging around with them until the bully does something really stupid, and they all get hauled off to the police station together. And then the mopes start crying for their mommies.

Arrogance. It all comes down to arrogance. Trump’s arrogance because he knows that the mangy pound puppies in the Senate won’t vote to remove him from office. McConnell’s arrogance because he knows that he has this one in the bag, and plans to use the fact that he delivered the Senate for Trump as a lever for future concessions from Glorious Bleater. And the arrogance of the Senate GOP caucus, because they haven’t been dragged down to the police station yet. But they’re missing one little thing.

A recent poll showed that while 84% of Democrats wanted a full and fair trial, with witnesses and documents, 69% of Republicans wanted the same thing, as well as 69% of independents.That assays out to 71% of the American public that wants a fair and complete trial, with witnesses and documents. And if there was ever a worst time to come down against witnesses, documents, and a fair trial, that day has yet to be invented.

Because, starting sometime next month, and going on through the spring and into the early summer, the primaries are going to roll around. Now, some of these GOP incumbents may or may not have primary opponents, but every one of them will have an eventual Democratic challenger in November who will be running in his or her own primary. And what do you think the chances are that however many Democratic opponents there are in that primary, each and every one of them makes a centerpiece argument about how their Republican opponent voted like some bovine slug with the rest of the GOP herd to stop the Democrats from presenting witnesses and documents.

And whomever the eventual Democratic nominee for President is, the issue of Trump’s impeachment, and the sham trial that resolved it, will be front and center in the campaign. The Democratic candidate will be able to hammer away at how the criminally negligent GOP Senate refused to allow witnesses to be called and documents to be presented, something that 71% of the American public wanted. And every Democratic Senate challenger will be able to mercilessly hammer his incumbent opponent with that fact, especially if Steyer and Bloomberg are good to their word. What’s the old boxing trope? Oh yeah, You can run, but you can’t hide.

Simply put, this issue is a winner for the Democrats. Public support, first for articles of impeachment, and now for removal from office has been slowly but steadily growing as the process has gone on. I just saw a poll a day or so ago that said that 56% of Americans now want Trumpenstein removed from office. And after the incredibly solid, fact based, fully corroborated, passionate case that the Democrats are putting on, and the to be expected truly arrogant, listless, incompetent defense presentation to follow for three long, insipid days, that support is only going to rise more. And the arrogance of the Republicans is going to lead them to sail directly into Superstorm Sandy.

Arrogance. Trump, McConnell, and the entire GOP Senate caucus appear to be drunk on the shit. And I defy you to show me a drunk that doesn’t get stupid time. If this all goes down how I fear it might next week, then what we may actually be witnessing is in actuality that long awaited, blessed day when all of those buses with the wire over the windows show up, pack all of the bastards inside, and motor on off to the cop shop. Patience grasshopper.

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Great point, you’re right the arrogance is astounding. It stinks to the high heavens, but their stupidity is running a close second. From what little we’ve seen from the WH lawyers, it’s going to be painfull to even watch those clowns try to put anything that resembles an argument together. I don’t know, maybe it could be entertaining


Patience Grasshopper! Thank You, that’s exactly what I needed. Just made my day!!!😊