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Today, in response to Donald Trump inciting white supremacist terrorists to attack the U.S. Capitol, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a video on Twitter in which he called Trump “the worst president ever, ”directly comparing Wednesday’s riots to Kristallnacht. ”Night of broken glass”, Nazi soldiers arrested thousands of Jews in 1938, destroyed synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses, and killed hundreds of people.

The surprisingly well-produced video, which lasts more than 7 minutes, includes many cuts and lens moves, and even has an expansive background track, an all-movie star mode featuring Schwarzenegger, making the essentially dramatic “we’re not going back to the country” address. This is the kind of speech made by countless movie presidents, except that the threat to the United States is the president himself, and the movie stars slack off. Now everything is getting weird, but it’s also weird. Schwarzenegger was born in Austria in 1947 and said he “knew very well” Kristallnacht’s upbringing. He compared Nazi soldiers to Proud Boys and explained that it wasn’t just the glass windows of the Reichstag that were broken on Wednesday, but they “shattered ideas we took for granted.”

He also said he remembers growing up surrounded by men, trying to hide his feelings inside the war by drinking and abusing his family, and saying they all had to endure the terrible things done by misguided de facto liars-liars like Trump and other politicians who made him a politician.

By lifting his Conan Barbarian sword and explaining that the higher the hardness of the sword, the stronger he will become. America’s democracy has been eased, he said, but it will become stronger because “we now know what will be lost.” “It’s a simple view of what led to Wednesday’s riots and what we should do, and given that we haven’t completely overcome it, it’s too early to say ”we’re stronger than before. “The unrealistic hope of the speech and the overt movie-like effect really worked in its favor.

Also, before really starting to over-celebrate what Schwarzenegger has done here, don’t forget that investing too much stock in celebrity politics is at least part of the reason we came here in the first place. Schwarzenegger is the governor, of course, but his political character is no different from his movie star character-as this video proves.

Sam Barsanti

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