Arms for Dirt is worse because Trump and the amigos nearly got away with it

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The Arms for Dirt whistleblower has, like Christopher Steele and his dossier, yet to be proven wrong, and yet considerable effort has been spent on trying to discredit them. Several times during today’s hearings attempts were made to try to insert the whistleblower into the proceedings. The reasons are mainly punitive, considering how the laws have been written, but the GOP and the WH have been looking for any distraction. As if finding the complaint’s origin and treating it like a leak got anyone closer to what is now possibly criminal and impeachable.

And now there will be a new witness who will give a deposition on Friday.

Sondland told reporters in Ukraine on July 27 that he spoke to Trump after the Zelensky call, but it is unclear if he was referring to the same conversation that Taylor described.

Sondland attorney Robert Luskin said in an email to The Washington Post that his client “will address any issues that arise from this in his testimony next week,” when he is scheduled to testify in another open hearing.

Taylor’s account of the call undercuts Trump’s recent claims that he doesn’t know Sondland, whom he called a “really good man and great American” in a tweet last month.

But last week, Trump told reporters at the White House, “Let me just tell you: I hardly know the gentleman.” The president’s comment came after Sondland reversed his previous testimony in the impeachment inquiry, acknowledging that he told a Ukrainian official in September that U.S. military aid probably would resume only if the Kyiv government opened Trump’s desired investigations.…

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