Arizona’s Republican leaders certify Joe Biden’s win, but Giuliani is not giving up

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The state of Arizona—represented by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey and Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs—certified President-elect Joe Biden’s win over Donald Trump in that state. Biden won that state by 10,457 votes, netting eleven more electoral votes.

While the state’s Republican leaders were certifying those results, Trump’s “elite strike force team” of lawyers, in real life known as habitual losers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, were holding what they called a “hearing” with nine Republican state legislators, in which Hunter Biden’s laptop apparently featured. Because of course it did. The meeting was held in a downtown Phoenix hotel, AP reports. Apparently no landscaping company parking lots were available.

The “elite strike force” is also demonstrating stupid lawyer tricks in Georgia, where they are asking for an audit of signatures on absentee ballot envelopes for the fifth time. Yes, a hand recount has already been conducted and yes, Biden won the state, again.

Also, too, former elite strike force member Sidney Powell, who had been kicked off of the team for being too much of a conspiracy theorist, has been freelancing in the state because something something Dominion resulted in Republicans voting Republican but not for Trump and “near zero Black votes” for Trump, “which is also highly improbable” according to Powell who apparently has never met any Black people.

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Marie Tobias

And this is why we frown on the use of crack by lawyers…


Congratulations president Biden

An American Patriot
An American Patriot

To Douchey:

Hi Traitor,

Thank you for selling us out and certifying the votes. I’m sorry you lack even the smallest of cojones to do the right thing for our great State of Arizona. Needless to say, if you’re not in jail for your part in the fraud, my husband and I along with many others will not be voting for you if you do decide to run again for any office. You don’t deserve to represent even one of us great Americans.