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CNN has a story up about the reaction that the GOP is having over Trump’s shutdown threat and refusal to sign the short-term budget bill.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins almost dropped her handbag Thursday as she gestured disbelief at word, delivered to her by reporters in the Capitol, that President Donald Trump would not sign the budget extension to keep government funded until February unless border wall money was added.

“Did he just say that?” she asked as she left a Republican lunch. “Ugh, are you ruining my life?”

Congratulations, Susan. You went to bat for Donnie and Mitch (and Chuck Grassley) on Kavanaugh, and this is the thanks you’re getting for it. That, and a CrowdPAC crowdfunding effort to fund your 2020 challenger that’s currently raised over $3,750,000. According to OpenSecrets.org, you’ve got less than $1.4 million in your own campaign war chest now.  Oh, and let’s not forget utterly trashing your credibility on being a “moderate”. You were used and were never anything more than yet another useful idiot.

Have fun talking to your constituents over the Congressional break, Susan. I’m sure they’ll have lots to say to you. You and the rest of the GOP own this. You broke it (SCOTUS, the economy, the government, common human decency), now you have to live with it.


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