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Hey Trump?  Mueller is coming for you!!!!

Mueller casts broad net in requesting extensive records from Trump White House

The special counsel investigating Russian election meddling has requested extensive records and email correspondence from the White House, covering areas including the president’s private discussions about firing his FBI director and his response to news that the then-national security adviser was under investigation, according to two people briefed on the requests.

White House lawyers are now working to turn over internal documents that span 13 categories that investigators for the special counsel have identified as critical to their probe, the people said. Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, appointed in May in the wake of Trump’s firing of FBI Director James B. Comey, took over the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians in that effort.

Mueller requested phone records about Air Force One statement

The special counsel has also recently made requests for documents concerning a statement made by Sean Spicer in the days preceding James Comey’s firing as FBI director.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has sought phone records concerning the statement written aboard Air Force One defending a meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russians at Trump Tower last year that was set up by Donald Trump Jr., according to two people familiar with the investigation.

Mueller has also asked the White House for documents and emails connected to a May 3 press briefing where Sean Spicer said the president had confidence in James Comey as FBI director, these people said. The request seeks to determine what White House officials – particularly Spicer – knew about the president’s plans to fire Comey in the days before it happened, according to one of the people familiar with it.

The requests, first reported by the New York Times, are the latest indication that Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election is expanding to include what has happened in the White House since Trump took office, including questions of obstruction of justice.

George W. Bush’s Ethics Chief: This ‘May Be What Puts An End To This White House’

Richard Painter, a former ethics chief in the George W. Bush White House, said the Robert Mueller investigation might come down to just one question: Why did Donald Trump fire James Comey as FBI director?

If it turns out it was to block the Russia investigation, that would be obstruction, Painter said on MSNBC on Wednesday. And that, he predicted, would be the end of this administration.

And there’s obviously collaboration. They’ve got to stop denying that. The only question is whether it was illegal collaboration. But the obstruction of justice and the lying ultimately may be what puts an end to this White House. They are in serious trouble on this.

This report tells us why Trump is so afraid of Robert Mueller’s investigation

It’s been clear for months that special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is also examining whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice while he was in office.

But of late, more and more specifics have emerged about just which of Trump’s actions Mueller is zeroing in on. And a new report from Michael Schmidt of the New York Times claims that Mueller’s team recently asked the White House for more information on 13 different topics.

Schmidt only mentions three of those 13, but those three are revealing — and indicate that Mueller’s interest in the obstruction angle is very serious indeed.

All this signals that the obstruction of justice aspect of Mueller’s investigation is quite serious

Trump campaign bodyguard linked to ex-con who’s key in Russia probes

Another connection has emerged between Donald Trump and Felix Sater, the Russian emigre and ex-con who’s become a key figure in widening investigations into ties between Trump associates and Russian figures.

McClatchy’s investigation now shows that a trusted Trump security aide hired in 2015 had intimate knowledge that Sater, twice convicted, had a criminal past and underworld connections.

Before he became Trump’s bodyguard, Gary Uher was an FBI agent involved in a complex deal to bring Sater back from Russia in the late 1990s. The resulting plea deal allowed Sater to avoid prison time in a Wall Street probe by serving as a government informant until his sentencing in 2009. During much of the time that he was a secret informant, Sater was a Trump Organization business associate, working on projects in New York, Florida and Arizona.

I’ll be honest here, I can’t even keep up on what that tangled web of Russia/mob/trump links means exactly anymore because there are SO MANY SHADY CONNECTIONS.  However, I know it ain’t good for Trump that this is all coming out in the open and THAT is good news!

Another potential Mueller honey pot: Spicer’s notebooks

 Former colleagues of Sean Spicer tell Axios that he filled “notebook after notebook” during meetings at the Republican National Committee, later at the Trump campaign, and then at the White House.

When we texted Spicer for comment on his note-taking practices, he replied: “Mike, please stop texting/emailing me unsolicited anymore.”

When I replied with a “?” (I have known Spicer and his wife for more than a dozen years), he answered: “Not sure what that means. From a legal standpoint I want to be clear: Do not email or text me again. Should you do again I will report to the appropriate authorities.”

Yah, that sounds like a totally innocent man with nothing to hide — threatening legal action on a friend for an email.  Totally normal behavior…

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