This isn’t a blog as much as it’s a request for local reaction to the disaster that has unfolded in Texas (and other states) this week. We’ve heard top Texas Republicans blame renewables and the Green New Deal for the problems, when the facts show  that it’s a massive failure on the part of the people who run the Texas power grid. Republican leaders have also suggested that people stop whining and deal with it, or else socialism…I would think that a lot of people who are experiencing or witnessing this crisis would like to tell them what they can do with that suggestion.

If I lived in Texas, Republican or Democrat, I wouldn’t care about socialism right now —  I’d just like power, heat, and water, no matter how I got it, and who I got it from. And given the huge role that fossil fuels play in the Texas economy, I would suspect a large percentage of the population knows that most of their electricity comes from natural gas, coal, and nuclear power.

So, if there’s any consensus among everyday Texans about the problems they currently face, what would that be? Are there regional differences? Do they agree that they should just toughen up and deal with it? I’m just curious to know.



A Wisconsin Badger, a place where power companies know how to deal with this weather and would be happy to help you, I’m sure.

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