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Republicans love to be at war with something. There’s the War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on this and that. But to the more discerned viewers could they also be at war with America?

They have ravaged this nation with horrible policies that make the average American scratch their heads. Their tax cuts have left most of America in shambles, programs cut to the point of being non-functional, infrastructure crumbling, all leading to national security issues.


They have pitted American against American in their race to the bottom to divide us so they can stay in power despite their horrendous policies which most people disapprove of at face value. Their divide and conquer strategies have polarized the nation leaving us at each other’s throats instead of working together to improve America. Russia capitalized on that polarization in the 2016 election cycle and added to it to help Trump win which poses a huge threat to national security.

Their tax cuts to the 1% & Wall Street, Deregulations, and other pro-Corporate policies have left most of the rest of us worse off. Corporations can’t be sued for their crimes, aren’t punished for them and can pretty much do as they please in today’s America. They can pollute and poison our air, food & water supplies without much concern over being punished anymore.

They are destroying our health care, leaving many either uninsured or under-insured. They want to get rid of pre-existing conditions coverage which would affect over 50% of the population. When they said “Let Him Die” they truly meant it. They are cutting Medicare & Medicaid to pay for their tax cuts to the 1% leaving our most vulnerable even more vulnerable and suffering as a result. They want to cut Social Security to pay for their tax cuts to the 1% affecting millions of seniors who depend on that to live.

Understanding all of this, and there is plenty more by the way, how can one not come to the conclusion that Republicans are at War with America?

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  1. Too Bad Republicans Aren’t At WAR With Each Other, Esp. The Republican Oval Office Blond Orangutan. Maybe If They Started Kicking His Ass Instead Of Constantly Kissing It!


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