April Slated To Be Month From Hell, Former FDA Commissioner Predicts Details


This has been one hell of a ride. I would say it’s been like a roller coaster, except a teeter totter is more like it, the way it goes up and down with predictable regularity. As you well recall, COVID-19 was a non-issue. It was “five cases, soon it will be none.” That exploded in Trump’s face when Washington State became the epicenter, and then New York right after it. Then came the lockdowns, then the teeter totter went up again, “we’ll be open by Easter.” Now the teeter totter has gone down again with a crash, “100,000 will die.” And Trump made it even more ominous than that, saying that he didn’t know if that was a floor or a ceiling number,

Trump said a lot of things that were contradictory and screwy in Tuesday’s press briefing and if anything, his scenario is unraveling to the point where even he can’t remember from day to day what happened or what he said about it. Today’s briefing was one lie after another, how he stopped “all traffic from Europe.” Wrong. He stopped traffic from some countries. He interjected how his impeachment was illegal. Wrong. He went on to say that “even the experts didn’t know” how bad coronavirus was. Wrong. The experts were in total agreement, Trump and his right-wing media were the only ones saying it was a “hoax” or in Trish Regan’s case, “an impeachment hoax.”

Then Trump hilariously took credit for taking on the naysayers, the “ones who wanted me to ride this out” the inference being that but for the swift and sure leadership of Donald Trump where would we be? It’s not a stretch to suppose he thinks that way, not after he went out of his way two days ago to say that he wants the governors to all show him gratitude, after saying that he rates his performance on this issue as a “ten.”

Where things stand now is not good at all. Atlanta, Philadelphia and Detroit are showing spikes in reported cases, and April is expected to be the month from Hell. Scott Gottlieb is a doctor and former commissioner of the FDA. Here’s his prediction for April.

We need to make sure that Donald Trump never happens again. If anybody else had been in the White House besides this clown, the pandemic response would never have taken this path. Trump and cohorts denied the validity of the pandemic until until they literally could no longer do so. And that’s why people are dying needlessly. Joe Biden was right, people will die because of Trump’s ego.


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Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

“I may be goin’ to hell in a bucket, but at least I’m enjoyin’ the ride…🎶” – Jerry Garcia

Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

P.S. “Elect a clown, expect a clown circus fire drill.”