Trump’s approval rating has generally been declining since he has been President. It spiked downward after his “unhinged” press conference on February 16, hitting 38% in the Gallup Daily Poll. It recovered somewhat after that, but started a sharp downward trend on Friday, March 17, after the House Intel committee said there there was no indication that Trump Tower was bugged, which Trump claimed in a series of tweets on March 4.

Clearly Trump supporters are starting to realize that Trump will spew lies without hesitation.

Obama’s approval rating averaged 47.9%. During his eight years as President it was never lower than 38% (Sep 5, 2014) and reached a peak of 69% (Jan 24, 2009). During his term so far, Trump’s approval rating has averaged 42.1%.

This drop in approval rating significant because dropping approval ratings have provento be a catalyst for Congress to begin impeachment actions. Impeaching a popular President is politically futile. Impeaching an unpopular one can be politically rewarding.

The impeachment of Nixon didn’t gain traction until his approval ratings tanked. With Trump’s ratings resuming their downward trend, the possibility of his impeachment is becoming more likely.

Photo credit: Gallup

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