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From ABC News:

Nine days after Donald Trump won the presidency, as scores of supporters clamored for meetings with his transition team, the Hollywood producer of “The Apprentice,” Mark Burnett, reached out to one of Trump’s closest advisers to see if he would sit down with a banker who has long held ties to Russia.

The banker, Robert Foresman, never got the role he was seeking with the fledgling Trump administration. But he has recently attracted the attention of congressional investigators as one more name on an expanding list of Americans with established ties inside the Kremlin who appears to have been seeking access to the newly elected president’s inner circle, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

Foresman, who is now vice chairman of the Swiss bank UBS’s investment arm, lived for years in Moscow, where he led a $3 billion Russian investment fund and was touted by his new company as someone who maintains connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. Reached by phone, Foresman declined to comment. Attorneys he has hired, including one in Washington who was hired to deal with the congressional probe, also declined to discuss the matter.…

Ugh — no wonder Burnett clung so tightly to those Trump-incriminating Apprentice outtakes. He wanted a piece of the action. We know he was eager to produce a reality show starring Vladimir Putin. Seriously.

According to Lawrence O’Donnell, Burnett’s Russian pal Foresman never got to meet with Tom Barrack, but apparently, later, was able to secure a sit-down with Michael Flynn.

One can only hope that Mueller knows EVERYTHING about this band of slimeballs.

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