AOC calls out #MoscowMitch over his El Paso crocodile tears

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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez SXSW / YouTube

We definitely need more of this from Democrats when they’re at loggerheads with their morally challenged brethren across the aisle — because we’re well the f*#k past being cordial.

In the wake of the deadly El Paso shooting, #MoscowMitch thought he’d slip in a fake condolence tweet before moving on with his oily, squandered life, but Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t having it:

And, Mitch, your prayers are worth as much as your excuses. Like God listens to you.


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Cause me mr. Grim reaper yeah those souls I’m gonna need them by 5:00, so if you could get those to me that would be great…….yeah.😐