This piece was published on September 20, but for some reason this travesty is back in the news again. Mine is not to reason why. Enjoy.


Just another speechless-rendering moment in Trump world. Off in the corner I can hear Rod Serling laughing, “My God! I could always find the passage to the Twilight Zone in the normal. I had no idea that the normal would become stranger than the Twilight Zone ever was!”

Yes, Rod, if you had written any of this, they would have called you a madman and worse, a hack fabulist of the improbable and the unlikely, an insulter of people’s intelligence. But here in Trump world, we are used to outrage, it’s as common as salt on the table and the axiom is, “Trump world is not only stranger than anything you can believe, it is stranger than anything you can even imagine.”

Imagination was the key used to unlock the door to the Twilight Zone and stupidity, raised exponentially to psychosis, flavored with religious hysteria and served on a bed of primal fear, seems to be the key to Trump world. We guess. We’ve been doing nothing for years now but trying to figure it out. Our best minds can’t decipher the meaning of all this and we’ve heard from the worlds of psychology, sociology, political science, history and journalism. And all we know for sure, is that it’s going to get crazier still, each and every day, until it’s done.

Actually, Rod, the real reason we called you is because this is something out of Night Gallery.

Here’s the newest apparition in Trump world, yours for a mere $7,500, the perfect object d’art for a MAGA temple — that’s the old abandoned trailer next to the dumpster — or clubhouse.

So, Rod, anytime you want to favor us with a Night Gallery description of what this signifies, we’ll be happy to hear.

HINT: This apparition is begging for some comment about the eternal struggle between art and commerce — with politics and religion thrown into the matrix. It makes my head explode to contemplate, so I figured I’d kick the can down the road to a better writer — dead or not. If you and Dickens and Vonnegut can’t figure this out, it can’t be figured out, is my guess.

Intro to an episode of Night Gallery:

We welcome you to a salon of seances and surrealism. Paintings and portraits designed to lower the blood temperature and invigorate the hair follicles. And there’s no admission to this display, save for a capacity for imagination, occasionally a sense of humor, and most important, simply a convenient light switch, so that if you look at our paintings in the dark, you needn’t remain there.

I never thought that a presidential election would be a metaphor for a light switch, but, yes, now I see how it is.

Thank you, Rod. You always did illuminate the dark shadows, and God knows, Trump is familiar with those, and the people he imagines are living there. Right up your alley.

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  1. Trump was not painted as the fat slob he, in actuality, is. I do like him being portrayed as being crucified in the way that he has crucified our Constitution and our country.


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