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This is the kind of response we need to see every day from every Democrat, in the House, in the Senate, in the state legislatures, in the governorships.

Not just on Twitter but in every possible venue. And not passively but pro-actively.

Barbara Lee tells it like it is. Succinctly. In language everyone understands. In truth everyone knows who wasn’t born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths. 

Most importantly, this isn’t just an assault on the political ooopsies of one aged senator. It’s a blast at the ideology of the entire Republican Party. 

There is a slim chance of smashing the dreadful tax bill and at the same time generating long-term opposition to decades of Republican plans that some people have only now come awake to. So we should be weaponizing every stumble the GOP makes.

I can hear the objections already. But it’s just Grassley who said this. When are we going to stop hamstringing ourselves? Grassley fired off a class-war cannonball that says exactly what all Republicans think if they are willing to pass tax bills like the ones the Senate and House have just passed. Grassley’s slam is newsworthy only because most Republicans have long ago been coached by their consultants not to express their true feelings about social inferiors they deem themselves to be more moral than. 

We should not just laugh at Grassley’s ludicrous slam but do all in our power to attach it like a stink-bomb to every Republican who voted for that bill all through the 2018 campaign season, which is now underway.

And then there’s that other inevitable objection. Oh, but Barbara Lee is a San Francisco radical. An Alabama Democrat can’t talk like she does. 


She’s actually from the East Bay, but a meme is a meme. Who is it that says Alabamans who will be damaged by that plutocratic self-parody of a tax bill don’t worry about rent, food, medications, and trying to help their kid or themselves have more life options by furthering their educations? 

Seems to me Lee’s message resonates everywhere in America except in the gated compounds of the 1% and their minions in too damned much of the media.

Lee goes for the jugular with the truth. It’s almost poetry. We could use a lot more of it.

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