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Former Republican turned independent and anti-Trump presidential candidate Evan McMullin is the head of “Stand Up Republic,” which is spending $500,000 on digital and TV ads that ask Alabama conservatives to reject Roy Moore,  Washington Post:

“Stand Up Republic believes that the character of our elected leaders has great influence over the character of our nation,” said McMullin. “We must oppose candidates that fail even the most basic ethical standards and reject the idea that temporary political advantage justifies abandoning our values. Roy Moore is unworthy of a seat in the U.S. Senate. The credible allegations against him, his history as a judge, and his many discriminatory statements demonstrate that he does not respect the dignity and safety of young girls, has no commitment to the rule of law, and no respect for religious liberty.”

n two 30-second spots, the group presents Moore as an unacceptable choice for conservatives… In one ad, a Republican voter named Robert du Buys works in his yard, recounts his lifetime of party-line voting, and says Moore “makes Republicans and us Christians look bad.”

In another, which resembles ads that a short-lived anti-Trump group ran during the 2016 primary, a succession of young women flash across the screen as a narrator describes allegations, first reported in The Washington Post, that Roy Moore, then in his early 30s, made unwanted sexual advances on teenage girls.

“What if she was your little girl?” asks the narrator. “Your daughter? Your sister? What if she was 16 years old, or 15, or 14?”

There are three camps now of anti-Moore conservatives, in Alabama and nationally: the ones  supporting Doug Jones, the ones backing a write-in candidate, or the ones simply suggesting that voters just sit out the election.

We need Doug Jones to win. Here’s the link to Doug Jones’ (D. AL) U.S. Senate campaign.

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