In November of last year, only weeks after the election, Georgette Garcia Kaufman, a 50 year old woman was shot to death getting out of her car at her home in El Paso, Texas. Then the killer tried to enter the home. The victim’s husband, Daniel Kaufman,  upon hearing the noise, went to the door to find out what was going on, and was shot several times through the door.  He survived, though. The couple’s child was not at home, thank God. 

   Terrible, senseless crime, whatever the motive. A kid lost his mom. Here’s where things get even  weirder. Newsweek reported… the other day that, according to police, the reason the couple was selected was their Joe Biden flag and a Trump doll they had displayed in front of their home.  The alleged murderer Joseph Angel Alvarez sent an email stating that was the motive, as well as ranting about conspiracy theories regarding abortion, Satanists, and Jewish people. According to the article detectives have cellphone records showing Alvarez was at the scene when the murder happened as well as four days before.  

  This kind of terrorism is happening more and more. It’s something to keep in mind when you see wingnuts posting memes about shooting “Antifa”, or  shooting Black Lives Matter, or “Free helicopter rides” (look that one up). They are NOT kidding. They are telling us who they are, believe them. 

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