One man seems to be intent on leading this nation to the brink of mass civil unrest.  Full stop.  Tucker Carlson went on television and admonished his followers to go after school board officials and used language that did not couch his intent.

They are not couching anything anymore.  They are not concerned with how it looks, or what could happen to their careers, or what the Department of Justice could do, or retaliation.  They fear nothing.  And until they fear some legal repurcussions, nothing will change about their behavior.

From Rolling Stone:

“Maybe people should stay and fight and take back the schools, which belong to us. They’re ours.”So said Tucker Carlson to millions of viewers on Tuesday night. It was the latest installment of the Fox News host’s months-long crusade against school mask mandates, one that has included multiple calls for concerned Americans to take action against the “lunatics” requiring children to wear facial coverings in the classroom.

The next day, his call was answered.  What followed is not becoming of a nation that calls itself dignified, nor should it be tolerated by the law.


That is a clearly misinformed person and her crew walking within a few feet of grade schoolers just trying to make it to school in a safe manner.  In that clip there are several children that in my opinion seem unsettled.  Trigger warning-the following quote contains sexually violent language.

The woman in red harassing the mother who walks hand-in-hand with her child is Shiva Bagheri, founder of Beverly Hills Freedom Rally, a group that bills itself as the “nexus for citizens committed to liberty and civic participation.”  “You should choose what goes on your child’s face and in your child’s body,” Bagheri said outside of the school on Wednesday. “This is rape. This rape. They’re trying to rape our children with this poison. They’re going to rape their lives away.”

Just days before the march in Los Angeles, activists in New York took their anger directly to schoolchildren. Curtis Orwell of the anti-vaxx group NYC Freedom Fighters posted a video last week of himself and at least one other protester harassing young students through a fence. “Children, take your mask off. Breathe fresh oxygen,” Orwell says in the video. “It’s not natural. It’s not normal. Children, we need to see full faces. Take your mask off. Take it off. Take it off.”

Here is another video of the protest.


Now you might be like me and ask why does a person who punches a breast cancer patient have the freedom to continue walking the streets scaring children and nearly coming to more blows with parents.  Well she did get community service for holding unpermitted rallies.  But I find nothing about charges for the incident with the cancer patient from July.

Bagheri has been seen in other altercations, and did the musical mall invasion in defiance of a mask mandate in January.  But as she keeps getting slaps on her wrist, her next actions escalate.  We see this all over the country, and I fear it will culminate in more serious violence.  

But I won’t say I don’t know what to do about it.  I do.  Get legislatures to pass laws that protect the public from dangerous, and unhinged “protesters.”  Especially make sure that nobody can get within a football field of a child to harrass, and terrify them.  We should not act like we are held hostage by the freedom of assembly and speech amendments.  Those mean what they say, but they do not say “freedom to violate whatever laws we don’t agree with.”  But as long as they think it does, nothing will change.  

That young boy in the first video was so rattled he needed his mom to pick him up and carry him to protect him.

When will the justice system protect us?


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