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Another day and ANOTHER proCOVID “political activist” dies from COVID-19.  Caleb Wallace of Texas has died from his own stupidity.  He wasn’t just happy leaving a wife and kids behind.  Wallace had to organize political protest against measures to protect people from COVID-19, and it appears he REALLY hated masks.  

From Slate:

Caleb Wallace, who was a leader in protesting mask requirements and other COVID-19-related restrictions in central Texas, died after a monthlong battle with the coronavirus, his wife said on Saturday. “Caleb has peacefully passed on. He will forever live in our hearts and minds,” Jessica Wallace, Caleb’s wife, wrote on the family’s GoFundMe page. A day earlier, Jessica Wallace had written that “Caleb won’t make it much longer.” Wallace, who lived in San Angelo, Texas for most of his life, was hospitalized on July 30. The father of three, with another on the way, quickly deteriorated and had been unconscious and heavily sedated since Aug. 8.

Wallace became known in his community for opposing COVID-19 restrictions and was the founder of the San Angelo Freedom Defenders, which hosted a rally to end “COVID-19 tyranny.” In the same month he was hospitalized, Wallace organized a “Freedom rally” that called for people who were “sick of the government in in control of our lives” to join their protest. “They believed the coronavirus was a hoax and they felt that the government was being too heavy-handed when it came to masks,” San Angelo’s mayor, Brenda Gunter, told the New York Times.

It was a hoax, according to this dipstick.  Funny how an infectious deadly disease doesn’t care that you think it is a hoax.  The virus only wants to find a host to replicate and spread.  I suppose if the coronavirus could “think” it would be grateful to Wallace.

But the coronavirus doesn’t think.  And it doesn’t care about politics.  It only wants to harness your cells to make copies of itself.  Period.

But Wallace showed the virus!

In April, Wallace wrote a letter to the San Angelo Independent School District demanding an end to “ALL COVID-related policies immediately,” questioning the efficacy of masks for children and saying they are actually harmful. “With so few kids getting sick from this virus, and so little evidence that masks worked for anyone, why isn’t your administration taking in the account the harmful effects of masking on children?” Wallace wrote.

Another fucking lie that Wallace was propagating.  Actually, two lies.  He obviously didn’t bother to read that the Delta variant is infecting and killing kids.  Second, harmful effects of masks?  Like what?

But none of that deterred Wallace.  He kept on lying until the bitter end.  In fact, he didn’t even want to see a doctor because he was afraid that he would “add” to COVID-19 statistics!  And he used ivermectin to try and save himself.

His widow says that he was “hard-headed.”  With all due respect to her, Caleb was an idiot.  She got herself and the kids vaccinated, but Caleb refused.  She joked that it make for a “balanced” family.  

He left her and his kids behind.  And I have no empathy for him.  Actually, I feel something towards Caleb Wallace. 

I feel anger and contempt for him.

And I don’t like that I feel that way.  But not only was he taking his own life, he was jeopardizing the lives of others.  All because he couldn’t accept that he was wrong about his political beliefs, which should have NO BEARING ON A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS!

He’s no fucking hero.

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