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From top to bottom, white supremacists seem to be cropping up all over the place in the Trump administration. From Steve Bannon to Sebastian Gorka to Carl Higbie, who was recently forced to resign after CNN unearthed recordings of his radio show appearances in which he advocated for letting people shoot immigrants along the border, said black women use “breeding as a form of employment” and said anyone who’s enrolled in welfare benefits shouldn’t have the right to vote. Those are just some of the vile things that he said on public airwaves. It’s a wonder he ever got hired to begin with, right? 

Looks like Higbie brought along at least one of this deplorable friends to oversee the nation’s volunteer programs, AmeriCorp and SeniorCorp. CNN is now reporting Higbie’s senior advisor, Daniel Pollack, is banned by Uber for racist comments:

According to the CBS46 report, Pollack’s driver, Jasmine Coer, called the police after an “aggressive ride” that she says began with Pollack asking if she was Muslim because of her headwear. Pollack was one of multiple passengers in the vehicle at the time. The driver said she was not Muslim.
According to a copy of the police report obtained by CNN, Pollack “began yelling and cursing at her (Coer) and other customers” during his ride before being asked to leave the vehicle.
“He looks at me and I’m like, ‘Sir, get out of my car. I’m calling the cops,’ and he goes ‘I’m white. I’m a white attorney and you’re black,'” Coer said, according to CBS46.

Other than being banned from Uber for the incident, which Uber confirms, he suffered no other consequences:

Pollack was charged with disorderly conduct. A court clerk told CNN the case was dismissed on a motion of the prosecution. The solicitor’s office in Atlanta did not return repeated requests from CNN for information as to why the case was dismissed.

There are police reports. There are news reports. This is all a matter of public record. How does a guy like this get hired to begin with? Anyway, he should be headed to the unemployment line soon and good luck getting hired somewhere now. Reap what you sow. 

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