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MSNBC and Raw Story are now reporting that the acting deputy attorney general and Eastern District US Attorney Dana Boente has resigned. Whether it’s because of being a witness in the Comey firing’s angle of obstruction is not yet clear, but one expects that there  will be a lot more DoJ personnel changes as the first arrests are coming from Mueller’s office on Monday.

Dana Boente is the attorney who took over as Acting Attorney General when @SallyQYates was fired. 

“Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly looking into whether or not the president obstructed justice when he fired the FBI director, James Comey,” Maddow noted. “James Comey has testified to Congress under oath that the president contacted him inappropriately, many times, to put pressure on him about the Russia investigation before he fired him. According to James Comey, one of the witnesses to one of those overtures by the president was Dana Boente.”

If Boente is a witness in the obstruction case, that might be a reason that he could no longer continue in his position.


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