Another Trump Administration Day: suppressing evidence, testimony, votes

We are learning more about Jeffrey Epstein’s sex recruiting network, including underage females trafficked internationally. The associated fallout on Alex Acosta gets worse with the prospects for his exit looking less dim. Now the press is beginning to ask about facts SDNY may have in hand about the money trails.

When prosecutors gave Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart plea deal in 2007, they agreed not to charge four women allegedly involved in recruiting dozens of underage girls for abuse.

  • In Epstein’s controversial 2008 plea deal in Florida—which was granted by then-prosecutor and now-Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta and other DOJ attorneys, without informing the billionaire’s alleged victims—four women are named as possible accomplices. Epstein’s non-prosecution agreement, which sentenced him to 18 months in prison, also granted immunity to the four women and any other “potential co-conspirators,” identified in the document as “including but not limited to Sarah Kellen, Adriana Ross, Lesley Groff, or Nadia Marcinkova.”


According to the 14-page indictment filed in Manhattan federal court on Monday, the 66-year-old hedge-fund manager/convicted sex offender “worked and conspired with others, including employees and associates” to run a sex-trafficking enterprise between 2002 and 2005, preying on “dozens” of girls as young as 14 at his mansions in New York and Palm Beach, Florida.

During each encounter listed in the indictment—which charges Epstein with one count of sex trafficking and one count of sex-trafficking conspiracy—girls were taken to a room to perform “massages” nude or partially nude before Epstein would escalate the encounter to “include one or more sex acts.”

“Epstein typically would also masturbate during these sexualized encounters, ask victims to touch him while he masturbated, and touch victims’ genitals with his hands or with sex toys,” the indictment states, adding the money man knew that the girls were minors.

After the assault, prosecutors allege, Epstein or his associates would pay each girl hundreds of dollars in cash and often would turn the victim into a recruiter of new girls to abuse.

“In this way, Epstein created a vast network of underage victims for him to sexually exploit,” the indictment said. The indictment goes on to detail three anonymous victims and refers to three unnamed employees who allegedly assisted Epstein in the enterprise, including by making calls to arrange for “massages” for Epstein.…

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Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Anyone that believes the Trump administration including (very low)Barr , Acosta, and others
are going to cooperate with the law are dam fools .
…Trump’s followers are mostly thieves , and ,..malcontents with life in general. ..And of course, misguided Evangelicals who have been “duped “into voting for Trump ,by TV .. LIKE ,
Televangelists like Franklin Graham ( cracker ) , ..who’s father must be turning in his grave , because he would never have supported Trump !!!


In my area they are the pillars of business charging such high prices they nearly bankrupt the rest of us while living opulent lives.


It is disgusting to read all about what is going on in this administration. Trump is in the thick of it. Lock them all up. I am so sick of all these things that are going on and no one will stand up to Trump. No one has any backbone in this administration and also the Dems.