The latest victim of Tall Building Syndrome in Russia — or as Rick Wilson calls it, Terminal Velocity Poisoning — is Anatoly Gerashchenko, the former head of the Moscow Aviation Institute, who fell from a great height in the MAI building.

Maybe whoever gave him the heave ho decided to see if an aviation executive could fly. Oops, I mean, what a terrible accident!

The organization’s press office released a statement describing the 73-year-old’s death as “the result of an accident,” adding that his untimely demise was a “a colossal loss for the MAI and the scientific and pedagogical community.”

Russian news outlet Izvestia, citing an unnamed source, reported that Gerashchenko “fell from a great height” and careened down several flights of stairs. He was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene.

A commission is reportedly being established at the institute to look into the circumstances of his bizarre death.

So, he fell from a great height and careened down several flights of stairs? Damn! What else did they do, run over him with a bus? Oops, I mean, what a bizarre accident!


Ya gotta watch out for those injuries that are incompatible with life. 

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