Another One Bites The Dust. Alex Acosta Resigns Friday Morning


Well, that didn’t take long. After yesterday’s catastrophic news conference, where then-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta dug his hole deeper and deeper over his handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case in 2008, Acosta has resigned. The Guardian:

Speaking next to Alexander Acosta, Donald Trump said Acosta was a “great labor secretary not a good one,” according to the White House pool.

Trump also said he did a “very good job.”

He said Acosta explained his decision about Epstein in an hour-long press conference this week.

Vera Bergengruen(@VeraMBergen)

In January, Trump said “I sort of like ‘acting.’ It gives me more flexibility.”

He now has a non-permanent/acting:
– Defense Secretary
– Homeland Security Secretary
– Labor Secretary
– WH Chief of Staff

July 12, 2019

Details are sparse. As the story develops, we will update.

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These people are all ghouls deserving to be a goblin on Halloween.


This site predicted it, although it came sooner than we thought it would, none the less, don’t you just love being right