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While politics has always been a good, old fashioned, bare knuckle brawl when done right, there was also an almost soothing regularity and rhythm to it. When one event occurred, there was often a next step which more or less automatically kicked in. This provided a sense of normalcy, and organization.

But since the day that His Lowness clanked down that schlock gilt escalator, he set about shattering norms the way a lover smashes crockery when her man comes through the door with lipstick on his collar. Trump smashed those norms on purpose, in order to make sure there were no mechanics in place to stop him from doing whatever he wanted. And now, in about 6 weeks, Trump has one more norm to smash. And for his personal purposes, it may well end up being the most critical one.

Normally, the National Chairman runs the show for a national political party. When a presidential candidate is confirmed at the convention, that candidate becomes the de facto head of the party. If he or she loses, power reverts back to the chair, who waits to get fired for his incompetence. If he wins, the President retains power of the party until a new presidential candidate is chosen 8 years later, at which time the current president turns over power, and steps aside.

That’s pretty much the way it’s always worked. Probably the most obvious example is the cataclysmic reaction that the Democratic party had in 2016 when Barack Obama stepped back from his leadership position, especially after Hillary’s loss, since he was such a dominant personality, not only within the party, but across the nation. But he did it.

You can bet your ass that this will not happen on January 21st of next year. Trump isn’t worthy to carry Obama’s jock strap, but he is by far and away the most dominant figure in the Republican party. And he has absolutely no interest in giving that power up. Shit, from the early part of the primaries in 2015, Trump laid the groundwork, and then with almost unbelievable ease, completed a hostile takeover of the Republican party. He refused to sign a loyalty pledge, and then threatened to take his supporters and start a third party run if he didn’t get the nomination. The GOP had their chance, and they fucked it up.

And just to show how easy this is, let’s just take a quick peekie-see at Trump’s opponent here, shall we? A woman. you know, the sex for which Trump has no respect? And even worse, a totally spineless woman, who deserves no respect. Let’s all remember, when she snagged the job as the Chair of the Republican National Committee, her name was Ronna Romney McDaniel. But Trump made it clear that if she wanted to keep that job, she had better get rid of that hated name Romney, and most riki-tik. Which she did, without a whimper of protest.

On January 21st, Donald Trump officially becomes a former President and head of the party, and at best a titular elder statesman. And that just won’t do. If there were a Chairman who actually had some chops, say a Michael Steele, starting on January 21st, he would begin to start to unentangle Trump’s control of the mechanics of management. Fortunately, with a frightened little mouse like McDaniel, that isn’t an issue. But it doesn’t matter to Trump.

Because Trump needs a title. Hell, the man child just spent the last 4 years being called Mr. President. He can’t just go back to being Donald Trump again, especially when it’ll carry the unsaid surname of loser. You mark my words, within 7 months of Biden taking office, Trump is going to at least going to try to engineer a coup to replace McDaniel as the Chair of the RNC. And considering her character, or lack thereof, and the bovine compliance of the GOP caucus, it will be Childs play.

Which will give Trump total control of the GOP. Every GOP officeholder will be totally compliant to Trump, if he wants financing from the national party for his next election, and a lack of a challenge from the right in the primaries. Trump will continue to make moo-moo noises about running again in 2024, freezing the field, and then at the last moment, when dipshit Donnie Jr shows up with enough petition signatures, will step back.

God knows, I could be wrong, but I just don’t think so. Traitor Tot has tasted more raw power in the last 5 years than he did in the previous 50. He is going to be loathe to let that go. And of course, being Trump, he will immediately start to look for ways to turn this boondoggle to his own personal financial advantage. Fortunately, with a once again independent DOJ, it won’t take them long to catch on, and his pardon won’t cover future criminal violations. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. tRUMP will Never run again for two reasons… #1 he will be to afraid of losing again, which he will do if he runs again! and #2 he is making enough money and still retains enough “power” to make him happy which allows him to play golf, not do a stich of work and not have to put with anyone’s bullshit!


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