Another lifelong Republican has decided to put country over party and I say good for her. I anticipate that she is just one more in what will be a long line of former Trump world staffers to come out in favor of Joe Biden. New York Times:

Olivia Troye, the former top homeland security aide to Vice President Mike Pence, endorsed former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Thursday and accused President Trump of weak leadership and of dramatically mismanaging the response to the coronavirus crisis.

In an ad released online, Ms. Troye recounts hearing the president — who has spoken about his phobia of germs — say in a meeting that he was glad that the virus had arrived in the United States, because it meant he would no longer have to shake hands with people he said he considered “disgusting.”

The takeaway here, and it is the same takeaway when any of these former White House staffers have come forward, is that while it is the “honor of a lifetime” to serve in the White House, that is not the case in this travesty of a White House. I can only hope that Republicans will listen to this. Democrats saw this coming from day one. If there are any Republicans that need to be persuaded, then I hope this will do it.

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  1. He’s the one who’s disgusting, not the ones he shakes hands with. That he would say something like that out loud in front of staff is unbelievable! To welcome a deadly virus into the US.

  2. This is what you could call getting it from the horses mouth. Although she’s to nice to label her that way. Now I have no trouble labeling trump as the other end of the horse. Yes folks, I think trump is a horses ass!


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