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After reading the news on CNN about another lawyer leaving the Mueller team, I thought a few elements of their own story, as well as the overall picture here, was important to share.

The CNN story states that Scott Meisler has left the special counsel’s office as of December. However…it’s important to not jump to conclusions as their article seems to do. They also mentioned the bit about Matt Whitaker stating recently that the investigation is coming to a close. Like SO many resources out there, they left out the most important part of the acting AG’s comment….and that was that he *thinks* the investigation is wrapping up.  The actual video of Whitaker also made him look incredibly nervous and that his statement in respect to the investigation left a lot of questions. Many seemed to think that he was aiming to appease the great pumpkin with that comment more than actually giving a proper answer.

But, probably the most interesting part of this new news is the following:

He is still working for the Justice Department and on cases related to Robert Mueller’s investigation, according to Peter Carr, a spokesman for the unit run by Mueller. Other divisions of the Justice Department have taken on more responsibility in matters launched by Mueller.

Apparently, Meisler will also continue to work on the cases he’s already been a part of. So, he’s left the SCO, but not completely, and the JD has taken on more work because of Mueller’s work. The rest of that paragraph is just fascinating.

Still working on *cases related to…Mueller’s investigation…* and *Other divisions of the Justice Department have taken on more responsibility in matters launched by Mueller.*

WOW….talk about loaded. Basically, this is like taking a peak into the reality that a Pandora’s box has been opened with the Mueller investigation. Time will show how interesting those *other* cases and matters will end up being.

But, no matter how you look at that, this is FAR from meaning that Mueller is anywhere near an end of his work at the SCO and/or that the JD is anywhere near done with matters related to this investigation. And the media will probably continue to spin this the wrong way, but in doing so, they are missing vital elements of the truth.

The Root also speculates on the investigation winding down. And how many others will miss those key points? My, my.

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