Angry Old Man Has Episode on Twitter: Panic Alert

ABC News / YouTube How Donald Trump Has Used Twitter...
ABC News / YouTube

Whatever they gave the old man at the hospital yesterday, it either isn’t working or it has worn off, because grandpa is having an episode. This is all within the last hour, in the middle of the day on a Sunday.

Clearly there is one thing is occupying this man’s addled mind. HIM. And his fate with respect to impeachment. Not only does nothing else matter, he cannot even stop himself long enough to pause and recognize that others inhabit this world.

Trump responded to Chris Wallace’s interview of Steve Scalise, and I am not sure which show Trump watched, because the one I saw showed Wallace burying Scalise:

Next, Trump lets us know that he still sees Schiff in his nightmares:

Paul Krugman of the NYTimes wanders down range:

Can’t someone get this man some KFC? A big bag of extra crispy? He is mad at Jennifer Williams – who is a staffer to Mike Pence. Williams was worried that Trump was playing political tricks with Ukraine. Trump wants her to “read the transcript …” it didn’t once occur to Trump that she did, and that is precisely why she was worried.

He is not happy with Democrats, who should be busy making America great.

I find this next one to be the most obviously desperate. The fearful whining just drips from the page:

There were another couple re-tweets, but then Trump ended his current “episode” by falling over in exhaustion, one last query:

We don’t care.

Imagine if there was a 9-11 type of attack right now? Or what if there was a natural disaster, an earthquake in California, or what if tanks started rolling into Ukraine from Russia. We don’t have a president.

For now, take heart in the fact that it is a regular Sunday afternoon.

This is just so obviously driving Trump insane, which is the only reason I even posted all these, so others could enjoy Trump’s suffering.

Have a great rest of the day! Why doesn’t he go golfing?

Oh, wait, we know why. He is currently suffering some “health issues,” wink-wink.


Peace, y’all

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4 Comments on "Angry Old Man Has Episode on Twitter: Panic Alert"

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Maybe they should have held him on a 72 hour psychiatric observation. It’s really catching up on his little piece of grey matter, I predict that he will come up with another big shiny distraction really soon


It does make you wonder if the 25th amendment isn’t used now, then it’s useless.


If there is, as you wrote, a “9-11 type of attack” now, one would have to wonder if it would be a false-flag type operation to keep his power.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Jennifer did read the transcript and that’s one of the reasons she’s testifying. Transcript has little to due with what she herd on the call. And dear trump in the words of Senator Kennedy. It must suck to be that dumb.