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In the video below, an unidentified passenger on a United Airlines flight was upset over not getting his seat upgraded on his Newark-bound flight and he essentially picked a flight with all the other passengers onboard. The back story from the Gothamist:

United Airlines ejected a Trump fan from a Newark-bound international flight over the weekend after the man allegedly laid claim to other people’s seats.

The Saturday flight from Shanghai hadn’t gotten off the ground when, according to a software engineer who shared his experience on Facebook, the man wearing a Make America Great Again hat decided to make his stand. “He insists that, because he couldn’t get an upgrade, he’s entitled to all three seats next to him even though they’re assigned to somebody else,” passenger Clark Gredoña wrote.

The man kept shouting he was “entitled to that seat.” The Washington Post reports it took roughly an hour for police to show up and escort him off. In the meantime, he got increasingly nasty:

“I know people don’t like my hat,” Zimmerman heard the man say.

“He berated a female passenger,” Gredoña said. “I think he called her Hillary. Then he called her a lesbian. I think he called a stewardess ‘sweetheart.’ ”

When he finally did deplane, he again agitated people waiting at the gate, engaging in a shouting match that it sounds like he lost. After the taunting the crowd, they began shouting him down with a boisterous “lock him up! lock him up!” chant.

Gredoña thinks the chanting started after the man taunted the crowd: “So I succeeded in making you guys waste three-and-a-half hours.”

People then shouted words unprintable.

And one shouted: “Lock him up!”

Then another, and another. “Lock him up, lock him up” — until a Chinese airport terminal sounded much like a latter-day Trump rally, when he and his crowds threatened his presidential campaign opponent, Hillary Clinton, with prison.

What is it with the Trump supporters losing their cool and picking fights in the friendly skies? It’s, dare I say, deplorable. WATCH:

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