In the beginning, there was homo erectus. Then came homo sapiens. Now we have home MAGAt, and seeing is believing.

They may not be the Best People, but they are the most stick, stone stupid ones. I feel sorry for the woozle. There’s no question that the woozle is smarter, it’s just debatable whether the poor beast can keep the fool in its charge from doing serious bodily injury to himself, and right now, it looks like the answer is no.

They better put thorazine in the MAGAts KFC, doncha think? Or keep him tied up in the yard?

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  1. Trump’s supporters are people who have no tolerance or sympathy for people who are not white, who are disabled, who are LGBT, won’t help anyone born poor so they can get ahead, and won’t help people who will aways be poor because they just don’t have the mentality to get ahead. If people would just learn to work together, pick up where others lack, our national will remain strong. Instead, all this intolerance makes us weak.

  2. I think we can call FAKE news on this. The video has been doing rounds for months and has nothing to do with Drumpf. It was taken in Adelaide, Australia. Some fact checking before posting shouldve been done.


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