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This is some Friday fun.

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, gave a sparkling eye roll as Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, was speaking to her. It’s unknown what they were discussing or what he said, but over 100,000 people on Twitter agreed Putin looked to be ‘mansplaining’—a term describing a man trying to explain something to a woman as if she was clueless or as if he knew better than her about women and/or anything. It can, and often does, come off as condescending to many women. Merkel seems to need little explaining about matters of the world, especially by someone like Putin, and especially at the international G20 Summit which was taking place in her neck of the woods—Hamburg.

Here’s the Twitter clip via Simon N. Ricketts (@SimonNRicketts).

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Thanks to Ricketts for the entertaining tweet. Most of all, thank you to Angela Merkel for being the kind of world leader most women and people around the world can admire.  

The big question is: What could Putin possibly be saying to Merkel to cause such a response. Feel free to leave your guess(es) and captions in the comments. 

(As an aside, isn’t it nice to read something in the news that doesn’t mention that that other asshat?)

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