The coup continues to move ahead, step by step, much faster than any of us believed possible (which means Trump senses that his political enemies, aka, “law enforcement,” have the goods, and thus need a good firing to show who is boss, of all Americans.) Andrea Mitchell just noted that everyone inside D.C., and everyone who follows any politics outside D.C. noted that the choice of Nunes is an attendee of a special, unprecedented meeting by which the FBI is essentially forced to overturn sensitive evidence against Trump – Gowdy being the other – sends a signal stronger than anything that could be said out loud about the direction Trump wants to go.

I’ve already gone over the reasons that Nunes doesn’t even deserve to be on this committee, as the committee is supposed to provide “oversight” of the executive branch. Instead, this one sees its job as blocking any real Congressional ability to find facts and then act upon them. Nunes is every bit as much part of the Trump administration as John Kelly, only far more powerful than Kelly, because Nunes controls the one means by which Congress could theoretically act to hold Trump accountable.

Thus, this afternoon, as Nunes enters a meeting with FBI representatives, to hear “sensitive intelligence,” that he has already demonstrated a willingness and desire to twist to protect Trump at all costs.

It may not feel like it, but today and tomorrow are likely the most important so far, with respect to stages in the constitutional crises, and possible coup. Today, Trump, by way of the branch that is supposed to hold him accountable, will learn of the evidence that the FBI has against him. The demand to see the evidence is a true harbinger of the takeover, it is something no one else under a criminal investigation could ever do. Trump has already placed himself above the law.

Tomorrow, I fully expect Trump to order Sessions to appoint a special investigator into the “spygate” fake case, and even if Sessions is inclined to appoint someone “fair” (it is possible, Sessions has very much pulled back from the brink since being strung up by Trump and put in peril, he’s not near as much a lackey as he once was, having been publicly humiliated and called out by Trump), but Sessions will not be allowed to choose, it will be Trump, on the advice of insiders who know, who will appoint a “Robert Bork”-type, guaranteed to “find” crimes in “spying” on Trump, and then Trump will have charges brought up against his political enemies, and if successful, jail them. It will not take a year and a half, it will not be thorough, it’ll be a “show,” and take 3 months at most.

This is how far Trump is willing to go to shred our constitution to save his own ass. It all seems to odd in our country, it only because we are used to living in a democratic republic, our last president was one of the world’s most respected leaders. Trump is doing the average thing a below average intellect-dictator does, save himself at the cost of the country. IF one had any doubts, the choice of Nunes, as Andrea Mitchell, notes, sends a clear and distinct message reverberating throughout the government and nation.

“It is happening. He is taking over.”

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