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Maybe astrologers could explain why today is the day that the trolls are out in force. Perhaps it’s a left over from Halloween trickery. In any event, in addition to Trump’s twitter account being shut down for eleven minutes, another enterprising jokester with an IP address that tracks to Capitol Hill spent the day trolling the Trump administration by editing Wikipedia pages. Rare News:

We know this because of the Twitter account @congressedits — an automated bot that documents every Wikipedia action originating from the Hill. While it might seem like a silly little algorithm, the bot has shed some light on shifty goings-on in the Capitol — like the time a Senate staffer reworked the Wikipedia article on the Senate’s report on torture.

Tuesday’s troll was a little more benign. He/she started the day by adding Attorney General Jeff Session’s name to the list of Keebler elves. Then, he moved on to throw some shade at former Donald Trump associate Paul Manafort by adding his name to the list of famous cases where white-collar criminals have posted bail (Manafort was indicted Monday on money laundering charges).

A little later, the politically-inclined jokester changed the introductory sentence of Special Council Robert Mueller’s Wikipedia page to read that the former FBI leader is “Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.”

After toying around with the Trump administration, the troll got darker. At the end of the Wikipedia page for “guillotine,” he wrote, “I’m not saying the retirement of the guillotine was a mistake, but it was a mistake.” After that, he/she must have taken a lunch break; they logged off for an hour but returned with another joke at the expense of the White House, changing the entry for “day care” to read, “Local governments, often municipalities, may operate non-profit day care centers, such as the White House.”

Jeff Sessions may want to spend a lot of time back at the big tree where they make all the cookies. Of all options open to him right now, that seems the most bucolic.

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