On Friday, I started something new that I’m planning on continuing to do throughout this upcoming week. While watching the impeachment hearing on MSNBC, when Chairman Schiff called for a break, I immediately switched over to FUX News. I did this for two reasons. First, I already knew what MSNBC was going to tell me, namely what a dick Trump is, and how devastating the testimony from Ambassador Yovanvitch was. I wanted to see how FUX was going to spin the testimony. Second, I wanted to see how they thought on their feet, since there was no warning that the break was coming, and they had to start talking right away.

FOX led off with a full commercial break, which allowed them to gather their thoughts. The FOX coverage team was their A-Team, reporters like Chris Wallace, Brett Bair, and Dana Perino, and not schlock hacks like Tucker Carlson or Jeanine Pirro. And the mood was somber. Chris Wallace intoned that Yovanovitch was a powerful witness, you “couldn’t watch her and not feel sympathy and empathy if you had a pulse.” Bair basically called Trump out for a moron, noting that his brain dead tweet forced the GOP panel members to spend the entire second half of the hearing extolling the virtues of Yovanovitch, in an attempt to disprove bias. And Perino remarked that for an incumbent who could lose his presidency due to white suburban “soccer moms” fleeing the GOP the way the citizens of Pompeii fled Vesuvius, his tweet wasn’t very smart.

As I watched the FOX News cast, I realized that as much as any, and perhaps more than most, FOX is truly caught between a rock and a hard place here. It’s hard to pull the kind of lame bullshit that human septic tanks like Hannity, Ingraham, and Carlson do every night, creating alternative universe when the audience has just finished watching reality. And that’s when I realized that by being required to carry these hearings live, and uninterrupted, FUX may actually end up being an unwilling ally to the impeachment effort.

For one thing, people are tuning in to watch these hearings. People who have a news station on in the background at work are not going to just turn off the TV, they’ll leave it on in the background. Even FOX viewers are watching the same feed as anybody else is all hearing long. People are going to spend the day watching the hearing on television, and then go home and catch the perspective of mental defectives like Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham. And there is going to be a reality check. It’s one thing when you can parse a single statement in a hearing that you didn’t broadcast, just to bolster your point. But it’s another thing altogether to do it when people can match it up with the reality of the context of the entire statement earlier in the day. Don’t get me wrong. The True Trombies that Watch these creatures aren’t going to notice or care, but there are people out there who watch these talking assholes who just like them, and they may not take kindly to being conned.

The second reason is even more dangerous, because FOX may in fact be sticking a pin into their own bubble. As I just said above, while FOX has millions of viewers, not all of them are Trumpaholics, and indeed many far predate His Lowness. Most consider themselves “conservatives,” and watch the conservative network. As such, they likely get their news solely from FOX, and may not even be fully aware of the spin. But they may be starting to get the picture now.

I have never forgotten this. Shortly after Michigan Republican Justin Amash came out in favor or impeachment, and became an independent, he held a town hall in his district that was packed. In that town hall, Amash clearly and honestly laid out the contents of the Mueller report, and gave his reasons for his actions. He received mixed reviews, getting several standing ovations, but also some trash talking from the usual MAGA Morons. But it’s what happened next that I have never forgotten, and neither should you.

MSNBC interviewed one woman as she left the town hall. A Very pleasant woman, I would guess in her late 50’s or early 60’s, and as normal as anybody’s Aunt Lucille. When asked about Amash’s decision and speech, the lady said something akin to, “I like to keep up with things, but I never even knew that there was a single negative word about the President in the Mueller report until Justin said it. It really shocked me!” The woman was asked where she got her news, and she said, “Oh, normally I watch conservative news like FOX.”

There’s my whole point right there. There are millions on non Trump loyalists who watch FOX News. They don’t necessarily buy all of the spin, and certainly not the hatred and virulence, but because they are stuck in that bubble, they are honestly unaware that there is a totally alternate reality and set of facts that they are not being given. But of that woman, and millions more like her, are watching these hearings on FOX News, they’re getting the picture now. And no matter how softly Wallace, Perino and Bair may try to peddle it, these people now have the full context.

The whole reason for these televised hearings is to educate the American public as to exactly what Emperor Numbus Nuttus has been up to for the last three years. And that’s exactly what they’re doing, up to the unintended consequence of possibly educating a whole bunch of FOX News viewers as to just how badly the fair and balanced new network is failing to live up to their own slogan. And it will only get worse from here, especially if idjits like Hannity and Carlson keep rubbing peoples noses in the cheap con job FOX has constructed for them.

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  1. I remember that interview and the look on that woman’s face was priceless. My in-laws are of that viewership and I really can’t talk to them. The 3 stooges in the prime time hours have really done some head scratching changing of opinion to what used to be good rational people. Hopefully after this next election they return to their former selves


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