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Donald Trump continued his Twitter-based meltdown this morning. From last night’s eruptions over the national anthem and bizarre propaganda efforts, he continued his tirades against the “Fake News” that is, in the aftermath of a natural disaster, not properly praising his efforts.

He also made the false claim that “All buildings now inspected for safety”—not only is this untrue, but authorities have not even been able to reach all affected areas of the island.

A few hours later, his rage had turned to North Korea—almost certainly because he had been watching television and something pissed him off. This led to the bizarre spectacle of a supposed U.S. president undermining the diplomatic efforts of his own Secretary of State by publicly telling him not to bother with those efforts.

It is possible that we are closer to war with North Korea than we were yesterday entirely because the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico pissed this gilded moneytoad off. (Today, by the way, he is again at a golf course, this time for a golf tournament.)

Trump’s weekend-long fury over how he, personally, is being publicly criticized rather than on the needs of Puerto Rico or the nation is yet another demonstration of his inability to perform the tasks of his office. He cannot do it; he cannot summon either the patience or the raw interest to address any task not revolving around his own self-praise.

It also speaks to the inability of new chief of staff John Kelly to bend Trump towards the duties of the office. We cannot suppose anyone else could have succeeded in the effort, but Kelly’s failure means that the nation continues to be in danger from the incompetence of its commander in chief.

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