An Open Letter To Speaker Pelosi

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Dear Madame Speaker,

I hate to bother you, I know you’re incredibly busy, and God knows that the Toddler in Chief is a handful these days, but I hope you can spare just a moment for this. Because I have a question for you, and in the current context of events, it seems like kind of an important question.

What happened? I am not a constituent of yours, I’m in the next state over, but I’m a lifelong, faithful, voting Democrat, and a long time admirer of ours. The first woman Speaker in American history, and good enough at the job to get a second crack at it. The capable administrator that put together a management team that ensured that you never lost a vote that you called to the floor. A sense of purpose, and the moral clarity to follow through. Oh, and that glare that you shot out at Joe “You Lie!” Wilson at the SOTU was a harpoon that could have sent Moby Dick to the bottom in a heartbeat. So, what happened?

By far and away, your defining, shining moment was in the debate for the Affordable Care Act in 2009. Healthcare coverage for millions of Americans was at stake, and the initial Democratic messaging was a nightmare. In your own caucus you had a block of more than 20 “Blue Dog” Democrats, who were fearful of taking a stand and making taking the vote, because it could cost them their precious seats. But it was the morally right thing to do, and it was right for the country. And you called your caucus into conference and made that point. You reminded them that their job as Representatives wasn’t to get reelected, it was to do the right thing for the country! You took that vote knowing that it could cost you your Speakership, and it did. But you took it, and you won it because it was the right thing to do.

So, I must ask you this for a third time, what happened? I’m sorry to be a nuisance about this, but I’m going to keep asking this until i get an answer. Because I already know the answer. Absolutely nothing has happened. Back in 2009, you took what was at the time an unpopular vote, because both morally ad substantively, providing millions of American citizens with affordable healthcare was the right thing to do. And now in 2019, we have a morally bankrupt, divisive, openly criminal President of the United States. And whether or not it is a popular decision in the current climate, and whether or not the spineless Republican toadies in the United States Senate will do the right thing or not, voting to remove him from office is the morally and substantively right thing to do.

Nothing has happened. Back in 2009, you had a recalcitrant group of Democrats caring more about their seats than about doing what was right. And what do you have today? A  recalcitrant group of Democrats more worried about their seats than doing the right thing. I find it rather strange that whenever one of these Democrat are interviewed, the first thing out of their mouths is that they “didn’t come to Washington DC to play politics, they came to Washington DC to make a real difference for the American people,” and yet here they are, barely two years into their first terms, playing politics as usual! They need to be reminded of where their real duties ad responsibilities lay.

This is your job Madame Speaker, the one you signed up for. Nobody held a gun to your head, In 2009, you had the sound judgement and moral clarity to make the right call, and do the right thing. And now, your country needs you to do it again. You are still the Speaker of the House of Representatives. You control the pecking order. You control the leadership posts, and their assignments. you control the committee seat assignments. These members need to be reminded that the Constitution of the United States is more than just some old, yellowed, dusty piece of paper that they pay lip service to, it is a set of rules and instructions that must be followed. It’s the Republicans who have forsaken their oaths of office, not the Democrats. You nailed it in one when you told The Squad that while they may have 4 million Twitter followers, they only have one vote. It’s time to ensure that they use that vote properly when it counts.

Back in 2009, you damned the torpedoes, went full speed ahead, and did the right thing. In 2019

, whatever your intentions, your appearance is that you are now more concerned with numbers and the majority than the right thing. Pray, do not follow that path. You did the right thing for the country once, and you can do it again. What’s the worst that can happen? It is highly unlikely that you’ll lose the House in 2020, the GOP knows it, and that’s why so many of them are voting with their feet. But look at it this way. Even if you do lose the House in 2020, you and the Democrats in the House will have done the right thing. It will be the rest of us who screwed up.


Joseph K Murphy

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3 Comments on "An Open Letter To Speaker Pelosi"

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Pelosi’s a lost cause. Time for old-school demonstrations where she ‘works’.

Rowdy Girl
Rowdy Girl

Make your letter available so we can all sign on! It is wonderfully written and thoughtful. Facts of her past to encourage her to DO THE RIGHT THING. Signatures mean people. WE THE PEOPLE. Maybe it will help

DeeAnn Qualls
DeeAnn Qualls

I am a democrat since 1960 and first time old enough to vote.. for John Kennedy. There MAY be a political reason for waiting for impeachment. Baffles me why wait? Worried about Republication resurgence?? Build a stronger impeachment case or losses in 2020?? I don’t know but Democrats and Congress look
F–king wimpy, gutless and afraid. I’m voting for Elizabeth Warren. Scalp him Liz!!!!! Tough and strong. What happened to you? Californian moving back home and I VOTE!! Dee