It took a while, but I actually saw one of those too-cute MAGoid stickers on a gas pump. You know the ones. Smiling picture of the president with “Let’s Go Brandon” caption placed next to the gas prices? Like I say, too cute.

But not stupid. Linking the president with rising energy prices is a very effective political weapon, even if the premise is untrue.

The current energy pricing environment has nothing to do with US offshore leasing or Build Back Better and everything to do with Saudi and Russian collusion in bolstering prices combined with Russia’s less-than-brilliant War to Nowhere.


But how do you explain that to someone fuming amidst the fumes at the gas pump? Exactly the same way our opponents are trying to mis-splain Econ 101: with stickers!

I just ordered a bunch of these.

Feel free to use or improve on the design.

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