An actual doctor tells us why we shouldn’t get too excited about hydroxychloroquine

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Donald Trump thinks he knows more than anyone else in the whole wide world about, well, everything.  He reminds us all the time.  Now he’s playing doctor. And not just with skeeved-out women this time.

He wants everyone to take hydroxychloroquine because he did fuck all about a deadly virus for months, and now, like a kid who spent an entire semester partying before waking up hopelessly lost the day before his finals, he’s praying for a miracle while desperately trying to think of ways to cheat and cut corners.

So we get a scene at a public health press conference that would have been unimaginable just four short years ago — a feckless fopdoodle of a pr*sident shutting down a respected infectious disease expert who is following long-held protocols about the promotion and distribution of still-unproven drugs (second tweet):

That’s astounding, particularly given that hydroxychloroquine is still not approved as a COVID-19 treatment and is a vital lifeline for people with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Which brings us to this tweet, which should throw at least a small beach pail of cold water on President Thalidomide’s irresponsible snake oil salesmanship:

Faust is a doctor at Harvard Medical School, so I can only assume he knows just a bit more about medicine than the mascot for Trump University.

Also, this, from another physician:

When it comes to COVID-19, Trump is flopping around like a fat, muddy carp in the bottom of a rowboat, and yet this is what Republicans call strong and effective leadership.

But, hey, we always knew he was a dipshit. We just hoped his stupidity somehow wouldn’t kill us.


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chris whitley
chris whitley

You should know trump has vested interest in his snake oil. It was just revealed he owns a significant amount of the parent company that makes the name brand snake 🐍 oil. Don’t let it bite you on the ass!


“Trump is flopping around like a fat muddy carp in the bottom of a row boat”..😂 I know this situation isn’t funny, it’s real & he’s clearly dangerous, but thanks for the best analogy of ol’ 45 I’ve heard in a while.