I really hate to report on this twerp but he does things that have consequences elsewhere. This time he’s claiming — get this — that his CAMPAIGN for governor fulfills the court-ordered public service he’s got to do after being arrested for refusing to leave a public place (doesn’t that sound familiar?)

I swear Oregon did a huge disservice to the country by letting this lawscoffer get off after Malheur! Howsomever, here’s the new story:


Should Ammon Bundy’s campaign for governor count as court-ordered community service? He thinks so

BOISE, Idaho — Far-right activist Ammon Bundy says time he has spent campaigning to become the next governor of Idaho should count toward the community service he was ordered to perform after being convicted of obstructing police during his trespassing arrest at the state Capitol.

Aaron Welling, Bundy’s campaign treasurer, wrote late last month to court officials that Bundy has “completed 1,621 hours of public service” — citing what appear to be campaign activities.

In the letter submitted with Bundy’s gubernatorial campaign letterhead, Welling said the candidate has traveled the state while encouraging people to “become more active in holding public officials accountable” and that Bundy also encouraged people to register to vote.

….. After Bundy’s conviction in July of misdemeanor trespassing and resisting or obstructing officers at the Capitol, he was ordered to pay more than $1,000 in fines and sentenced to eight days in jail.But the sentence was commuted to 40 hours of public service to be completed within 6 months.

…The conviction stemmed from Bundy’s arrest on Aug. 25, 2020when he refused to leave a Statehouse auditorium after officials ordered it to be cleared. Officers said Bundy also went limp and refused to stand and put this hands behind his back. Officers ultimately wheeled Bundy out of the Capitol building on a swivel chair.

I really hope the judge denies this sh*t and throws him in jail. Let him campaign from where he really belongs.

Saturday, Dec 4, 2021 · 7:16:23 PM +00:00 · CathyM

Here’s Idaho paper take on it. Note other weasly actions (bolding mine):


Far-right activist Ammon Bundy believes his voluntary Idaho gubernatorial campaign stops satisfy his court-mandated community service connected to a trespassing conviction in July. Aaron Welling, the Bundy campaign’s treasurer, wrote to Ada County’s 4th District Court that Bundy has “completed 1,621 hours of public service,” according to a letter submitted last month — on campaign stationery.

Bundy said after the trial that he would not appeal his conviction — and then filed an appeal in September.

Court filings show an order from a judge dismissing the appeal was filed on Tuesday.

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