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It seems weird that we have to keep doing this, but once again Americans have to hop on a plane to Washington and explain that no, actually, regulations that keep Americans from being injured or dying from faulty products or neighborhood sources of pollution are there for a reason and we should keep them, you ignorant Trumpian jackasses.

Five years after his granddaughter’s death, Frink was one of six Americans who came to Washington to warn against the risks of inadequate regulatory protections. At a press conference Thursday, they called on Congress to reject the proposed Regulatory Accountability Act, which they say would make it more difficult to impose needed rules. […]

Octavia “Penny” Dryden, a two-time cancer survivor from Rosegate, Delaware, spoke of the increased health risks in her community due to pollution, which could have been mitigated through better environmental regulation. Dr. Paul Brooks of Parkersburg, West Virginia, explained that if it weren’t for updated regulations, residents of his community would still be drinking water contaminated with harmful levels of the man-made chemical C8. Chrissy Christoferson, whose son Beck contracted salmonella at only 10 months old, advocated for stronger food safety standards. […]

Hey look, some of the actual American citizens and voters asking that they indeed be protected by the scary government “regulations” that corporate lobbyists, working for companies that would rather not clean up dangerous neighborhood pollution or redesign a product that has killed American children, keep pressing Congress and Trump’s band of fellow corporate cronies to undo. Anti-government ideologues are forever certain that if we simply stripped away all the regulations protecting American citizens from dodgy products or bad industry behavior things would work themselves out; in the entire history of ‘Merica, that has never happened.

So we keep doing this, before, during and after every new attempt to save corporate America a few more bucks by dumping the pollution on their neighbors or getting rid of a five-cent added part. Yes, Americans do care about their children, and their parents, and their towns. That’s what the regulations are protecting. That’s why somebody, at some previous point, asked that they be written down.

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