On Thursday, Donald Trump authorized the firing of a reported 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian base. Reports show the attack may have been more politically motivated than humanitarian — and basically ineffective. Trump would have us believe otherwise.

The money news group Market Watch reported those missiles will cost American taxpayers at least $70 million to replace just the missiles that were launched. Who’s going to see a nice profit from such this attack? Missile-maker Raytheon, Wall Street, and possibly Donald Trump.

Each Tomahawk missile, made by Raytheon Co. RTN, +1.45% costs between $1 million and $1.4 million.

The missiles used on Thursday likely cost the U.S. military around $1 million, but the latest versions of the missile that would replace those are probably more costly, said Loren Thompson, a consultant and chief operating officer of nonprofit Lexington Institute. A final cost would also depend on the size of the potential replacement order from the U.S. military, he said.

Shares of Raytheon rallied in early Friday trading, but Market Watch said the gains moderated somewhat as the session went on. Stock buyers and sellers swooped in and out like vultures trying to jump on that profit pony. The rich and big corporations win again at the expense of the American people.

One very disturbing, but not surprising aspect in all this, is that in 2015 Business Insider reported Donald Trump owned stock in Raytheon. Unless Trump sold his Raytheon shares, he made a nice profit on Friday from his missile attack on Thursday. And given what we’ve seen from Donald Trump, it probably would surprise few if it’s found that Trump and/or his sons bought more Raytheon shares on Wednesday in anticipation of the missile attack on Thursday. More will be revealed.

We have a president who cannot be trusted on any level. And Donald Trump  created his own dishonest image through countless lies, contradictions and acts of greed and corruption — straight from his own mouth. 

We’ve also learned from our country’s history, specifically from our warmongering former Vice President Dick Cheney, that millions can be made when you help start a war while in office. Trump seems to have surpassed Cheney’s greed.

But back to these missiles. It’s unknown whether the strike was even effective. Syria commenced their attacks on Friday. Perhaps Trump’s attack was just an expensive $70M chest-beating political ploy? What we do know is that somehow Trump/Republicans say they can’t justify the funds needed to feed our elderly who get assistance from Meals on Wheels. And interestingly, about 500,000 of those receiving Meals on Wheels — are veterans. And according to one report, the missiles used in Thursday night’s strike could have funded the government grants for Meals on Wheels — for a full decade.

h/t Palmer Report

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