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Following Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards, Ivanka Trump received a barrage of negative backlash across the country after weighing in on Oprah Winfrey’s stunning speech while accepting the esteemed Cecil B. DeMille award. Winfrey made a rallying cry to end sexual discrimination, harassment and abuse against women, and referred to the past year’s  #MeToo movement that encourages and supports victims to bravely speak out against their sexual perpetrators, regardless of how far back incident(s) occurred. Winfrey also brought attention to an offspring of the #MeToo campaign called #TimesUp. This newer campaign sends out a strong message to sexual predators letting them know their time of “getting away with it” is up. 

Given Ivanka’s father Donald Trump has proudly and publically bragged about sexually assaulting women, and that nineteen women have publicly come forward accusing him of such, seems beyond hypocritical  for Ivanka to tweet a message in support of #TimesUp. That is, unless she’s agrees that her father’s time is up as well. Here is Ivanka’s tweet on Monday.

For reference, here is Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes acceptance speech. She received ovation after ovation for her words during her speech and accolades for days after via social and mainstream media.

Actress, feminist and activist Alyssa Milano responded to Ivanka’s tweet with a snarky request that the heiress of the Trump billion-dollar empire make a generous donation to support Donald Trump’s sexual assault accusers, as they are part of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Below is Alyssa Milano’s tweet:

Ivanka has gotten herself in quite a ‘catch 22’ pickle. If she gives a donation to #TimesUp, she will bring more attention to her father’s assaults and sexual misconduct record, as well as her own double standards.  If she doesn’t take Milano’s challenge to donate to the cause, she pretty much admits she’s not in full support of #TimesUp. I feel so bad for her. What’s a pro-predator, women’s rights poser and complicit gal to do?

It should be noted, Alyssa Milano, along with #MeToo creator Tarana Burke, gave the campaign an enormous boost when this message was tweeted out in October of 2017.

This ongoing march for victim justice has changed the course of women in America and around the world. Cheers to all who have come forward in the past, who are speaking out now and who will demand justice in the future—and cheers to the women and men who support them. 

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