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Some Twitter disinformation for the Midland/Odessa Texas, killings, is being posted to negate that Seth Ator from all accounts, was an American citizen, a white male with a criminal record, pulled over in a traffic stop, who decided to begin shooting people. Six people died, including a postal worker and at least one 15 year old child, and wounding a 17-month old child.

RW trolls would have you believe he’s something else including being political party something, and supporter of something else like even a political candidate. It’s all fabrication. This event is not stochastic and likely not terrorism, so far. It was a shooting spree leading to homicides and casualties.

An actual criminal with a record, committed additional, escalated crimes. It doesn’t matter whether his social media got “deleted”, or that he lived without running water in a mobile home. He did have an AR-15 type rifle and was shot to death after police rammed the postal vehicle he had hijacked. He did threaten his neighbor with his shooting over open ground and the police reportedly did not respond weeks before yesterday’s event.

We don’t yet have a complete list of victims, and don’t know about his motive or politics yet or his mental health or video game consumption, despite the attempts of RWNJ trolls to frame the messaging of this event. Events like El Paso’s politically motivated shootings have had an effect that sadly make online disinformation a sport. Fortunately there remains a fact-based reality to negate the troll-bots.


Seven victims were killed in Saturday’s rampage, according to federal officials. More than 20 others were injured, several critically. Three law enforcement officers who were injured, including the state trooper who was shot during the traffic stop, are expected to recover.

Police say the shootings began during a traffic stop on Interstate 20 westbound near mile marker 131. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the driver was in a gold vehicle. The car was still moving when the gunman, now identified as Seth Ator, “pointed a rifle toward the rear window of his car and fired several shots toward the DPS patrol unit.” Officials shared during a press conference Sunday afternoon that the weapon was an AR-style rifle.

One of the two troopers was shot and Ator sped away from the scene. Police have confirmed that Ator was pulled over for a traffic violation, specifically for a “failure to signal.” Officials added that there was not an active warrant for Ator at the time of the traffic stop.…

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  1. I live here in Tx and our Rethuglican governor and senators are f___ed up. They care more about a persons 2nd amendment rights than they do about the actual person. The NRA runs our government leaders.


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