Wow, I didn’t expect quite the response I got to the article this morning about the above photo, and have eagerly devoured the comments. One of the prevalent themes in the comments, now that we know who more of the “basket of deplorables” that are seated around him like covered wagons during an Indian raid are, was that Cohen was getting a “warning,” and his instructions from his Russian overlords. There were also sever comments indicating that the picture appears to have been “staged” for effect. Makes perfect sense, until it doesn’t. What if that picture, and the event it captured, was indeed a very public warning, just not to Cohen?

Look, just hear me out for a minute here, then we’ll natter about it in the comments. Right now Michael Cohen is radioactive, right? Anybody seen in public with him is going to be examined by the FBI right down to the fungus under their toenails. Why in the ever loving hell would any of them, much less all of them, suddenly sit down in a public place with him, knowing that he’s not only under observation by the FBI, but surrounded 24/7 by media and reporters? Mikey “The Mook” obviously knows who these people are, and what they sound like. Pick up a phone, send a text, have a hand delivered note dropped off at the bell desk to be brought up to his room fer Crissakes! There are a hundred quieter, more private ways they could have gotten their message across to Cohen. Why make a public spectacle out of this, especially on a weekend when the media can hone in on it?

How about this. Lately, El Presidente Pendejo has been going through the political version of puberty where Vladimir Putin and Russia are concerned. Yeah, his voice still cracks a lot, but it’s getting a little deeper all the same, and the peach fuzz in the dark places is filling in nicely. Letting Steve Munchkin Mnuchin announce some sanctions with actual teeth to them, including targeting the kid of an oligarch that Putin was using to get around sanctions once his Daddums got slapped with them. Publicly ridiculing Putin by directly linking him with “the Animal Assad,” and holding him equally responsible for the chemical attack. Taunting Putin about his threat to knock the US missiles out of the sky, referencing the futility of Putin launching the missile equivalents of GMC Hornets to chase his 2018 Porsche’s around the sky? Personally, I think this has been a case of Trump slapping in frustration at the bright, shiny Putin object in his frustration over the Russia and Stormy Daniels debacles, but don’t ever think for one minute that Vladimir Putin doesn’t have the same rapacious ego that Donald Trump does.

So, what if in fact this was the warning that was being sent in that meeting, and it wasn’t directed at Cohen at all, but Twiddledumber instead? What if it was Putin’s way of slyly saying, “Watch your fucking mouth droogie! Remember who the real boss is here. Keep it up, and maybe I’ll have my boy Oleg over here make an appointment with your secretary for an Oval Office meeting. Or maybe, the next time Natalia Veselnitskiya is in town, she might just pop in to say ‘Hi!’ to Robert Mueller, and ask if there’s anything she can help him with. Who do you think you’re dealing with here, Mitch McConnell? Five little words comrade, ‘video tapes,’ and ‘Trump Tower Moscow.’ Be careful little man.”

It’s just a thought, and I could easily be just as wrong about this as I am about so much other shit. But you gotta admit, when you look at how ridiculous the idea is that they had to make such a public display to get the word to Michael Cohen, it’s a perfectly logical alternative.


This just came to me…It has been reported that one of the meeting participants was a high mucky muck with Deutsche Bank…Say WHA?!? What does a third rate shitkicker like Michael Cohen have to do with Deutsche Bank??? Cohen is the Barney Fife of the legal profession, with just about as much clout, what does Deutsche Bank care about him??? I’ll tell you who they DO care about, a helluva lot, their largest personal borrower, and Cohen’s sole cash cow client, Donald Trump…What it Trump’s call to Cohen was pre timed, or if it was actually Cohen who called Trump, with some very specific instructions??? All I’m saying is that it’s starting to appear that there was a lot more to this meeting than we’ve been seeing on the surface…

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  1. I like your angle, but my money is still on ‘Douchebag Convention’. (Trump must have been out grabbing a Big Mac at the time…) 🙂

    • Maybe, but don’t forget that phone call…Check back to the bottom in 5 minutes, I’m just adding an update that may give you something additional to think about… 🙂


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