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Laura Loomer chained to the doors at Twitter
Laura Loomer chained to half of Twitter’s entrance

Laura Loomer is a far-right activist with a history of embracing conspiracy theories and trying to whip up controversy. After she was banned from Twitter for a variety of anti-Muslim attacks, she chained herself to the front doors of Twitter headquarters. Well, she changed herself to one side while perplexed employees and associates continued using the other door. She wore a coat with a yellow star of David, the patch many Jewish people were forced to wear during the Holocaust to identify themselves. And no, I’m not making it up.

She’s also been banned from Uber and Lyft for her anti-Muslim statements. And now she’s back at it again. In an effort to protest sanctuary cities and promote Donald Trump’s wall, she and a couple of people she claimed were undocumented immigrants scaled the fence around Nancy Pelosi’s California home and set-up their own “sanctuary city.” The Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer was on-hand to live-tweet the stunt and if these men really were undocumented, Loomer likely got them in a whole lot of trouble.

Before police arrived, she event tried to enter Nancy Pelosi’s home with the intention of setting up inside and/or raiding her food.

Note that first comment, “we won’t get in trouble because we’re not antifa!” There is some sad truth to that because how do you think this ended for Laura Loomer? After climbing over Pelosi’s fence to trespass and after trying to enter Nancy Pelosi’s home, was she arrested? Nope.

Can you imagine for one minute what would’ve happened to a Black Lives Matter activist who scaled the fence around Speaker Paul Ryan’s home and tried to actually enter his house? Do you think that would’ve ended with a warning? It most certainly would’ve ended in handcuffs or worse, the hospital or the morgue. Hell, a group of protesters gathered in the public way outside of Tucker Carlson’s home recently and we were treated to a week’s worth of news about the “violent left” and lectured on calls for civility from both the media and elected politicians. Did you even see this episode on the news? At all?

It’s example #5,973 of Republicans operating under different standards than progressives. It’s also a crystal clear example of white supremacy. How does this end if Laura Loomer isn’t a white woman?

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