I am a federal healthcare expert, focused on delivery of healthcare and medications to low income populations.  I was the CEO of several federally funded facilities as well as a mid/Upper level hospital administrator and now work as a consultant to States, Major Urban Areas and hospitals in the area of HIV and Medications.  I have worked in the field of HIV for since 1985, so I know what a pandemic looks like.  We have been waiting for a vaccine for HIV for over 30 years.  Thank god for the Covid19 vaccine.

1. In most hospitals none of the staff are allowed to work without vaccinations.  Everyone must have a flu shot every year.  

2. When a new patient is hired in a hospital (or nursing home or medical clinic, etc.) — before they can work, they must supply the hospital with a complete vaccination record.  Whatever vaccinations they are missing, they will be required to get before they can start work.  They may also be required to have vaccine titers run (see below) to test the level they have of protection they have from other vaccine covered diseases.  If the titer is low, they will be required to have a booster shot. They will also be required to have a TB test and if they are positive for TB they will be required to have a chest x-ray.  If they have TB and it is active they will be required to start INH (Isoniazid).  Employees will not be allowed to come to work with a positive TB until it is either controlled.

A titer is a laboratory test that measures the presence and amount of antibodies in blood. A titer may be used to prove immunity to disease. A blood sample is taken and tested. If the test is positive (above a particular known value) the individual has immunity. If the test is negative (no immunity) or equivocal (not enough immunity) you need to be vaccinated.

3.  After hire, each year, employees will have their vaccine records reviewed and they will be notified if they need a booster shot or  if there is a new vaccine that they must take.  

WHY do hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics and assisted care centers do these things???????

Because they have incredible liability if a patient, especially a senior patient acquires a disease or infection in the hospital. (subject to Medicare/Medicaid and OSHA review)  Financially this is a huge risk.  If one person brings Covid19 into the hospital it may run rampant in the ER, ICU, NICU, Hospice, an Surgical Centers.  

It is not illegal to mandate vaccines by hospital/medical facility’s.  The facilities’ liability insurance companies would not let them open their doors without vaccine records on all employees.  

Imagine — a smallpox breakout, Smallpox was responsible for around 300 million deaths in the 20th Century. But thanks to vaccinations, one of the most devastating diseases known to humanity has been wiped out.  “The eradication of smallpox is just one example of how global access to vaccines has saved countless lives around the world.”  www.weforum.org/…

I am sorry — Everyone that can get vaccinated for Covid19 must get vaccinated.  


Unless you have a compromised immune system, an allergy or another legitimate medical reason — GET YOUR COVID19 shot.  Just like HIV, disease will continue to mutate and the ALPHA version of COVID is very deadly.  IT IS ALREDY OUT THERE

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